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After Sandy: Rebuild or retreat?

Hurricane Sandy is expected to be the most expensive storms in history by media reports.

So here are some points to guide the debate:

1) Congress is set to debate a 60 billion dollar relief package.

2) The area being rebuilt is in a flood plain

3) The area has been rebuild many times

4) Where does insurance come into play VS federal intervention.

5) If you know your in a flood pain and still build .... who is responsible for the loss .... shoud you be eligable for federal relief funds.

We have seen relief and federal funds abused. As an example the former mayor of New Orleans Ray Negin was just indicted by a grand jury on correution charges. New Orleans 5th district is still boarded up and billions in all kind of aide are still unaccounted for.

So when do we the people say we do not want to keep throwning money at recurring problems.

This is not about being mean to people it is about building something that you know will be destroyed and then asking the government to refund you for your loss.


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  • Jan 24 2013: I'm confused.
    It seems to me your real concern is with the billions you say are unaccounted for.
    They stole billions and want another 60 billion to play with and steal from.
    Isn't that the real concern here? It seems to me it is or should be.

    Isn't that what is going to happen with this new 60 billion?
    Isn't that what you are afraid of happening?

    The manipulation going on here is incredible.
    Not by you but by those who can and do manipulate in order to profit.
    The Big Dig (into the tax-payers pockets), paid off really well and is still paying off.
    The traffic sucks, the problems continue to pile up and the whole thing was a failure, really, but a real success to those who steal the money.

    After shoddy work you're worried about people wanting the government to help when all they did was say they were helping and they were: helping themselves to billions of "still unaccounted for funds."

    Why shouldn't they? They have the money, er, the billions.

    I suspect rebuilding is a good idea, but somewhere else, and I can't help but think money will be stolen in large amounts from that endeavor. That is what I see as the main issue. I can't live anywhere else other than where I live. That's because I am poor.
    Then relocate and rebuild but the money will be stolen nonetheless.
    I will remain poor no matter what I do and then blamed and condemned for it.

    In one sense I agree with you but personally know of too many projects performed by the famous Army Corp of Engineers that cost a lot of money and were complete failures, but not financially for those who ran the show. They didn't solve the problems they were paid to solve so in effect, all of the money was stolen.

    Rather than "something's got to give", "someone's got to give."
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      Jan 30 2013: RC, typed in the wrong block .... see above. Thanks. Bob.

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