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After Sandy: Rebuild or retreat?

Hurricane Sandy is expected to be the most expensive storms in history by media reports.

So here are some points to guide the debate:

1) Congress is set to debate a 60 billion dollar relief package.

2) The area being rebuilt is in a flood plain

3) The area has been rebuild many times

4) Where does insurance come into play VS federal intervention.

5) If you know your in a flood pain and still build .... who is responsible for the loss .... shoud you be eligable for federal relief funds.

We have seen relief and federal funds abused. As an example the former mayor of New Orleans Ray Negin was just indicted by a grand jury on correution charges. New Orleans 5th district is still boarded up and billions in all kind of aide are still unaccounted for.

So when do we the people say we do not want to keep throwning money at recurring problems.

This is not about being mean to people it is about building something that you know will be destroyed and then asking the government to refund you for your loss.


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      Jan 24 2013: Okay. The game here is "If I were King" what would I do. Unlimited authority.

      1) Because these are all sea side areas with deep water ports ... bring in nuclear ships. They can supply desalinated water ... medical services .... feed the needy .... suppply power to onshore power networks. and the facilities and the manpower is already paid for by the people.

      2) Have in place a Emergency Services Dept in each state with a Command Post, Operations, and Fisical Management. All money and resources would be directed through this department documented and under constant audit. All outside agancies would also report to this Dept ... Fed ... red cross ... etc ... this would spread resources to their best effect to the most needed under one manager.

      3) Involve state milita for protection of citizens and property ... to assist in relocating .... to assist in rebuilding ... again a resource already budgeted for.

      4) As King I would publish a Best Practice Manual that showed what went wrong in other disasters and what went right and why. We have regional problems. What happens in Kansas is probally not the concerns facing NYC , New Orleans, Miami, etc .... Plan accordingly.

      5) Laws against profiteering under these situations would be agressively enforced and the punishment hard to discourage the looting and thieft that is bound to occur. It would keep the honest man honest and punish the guilty.

      6) By having everything funneled under one program it would also (hopefully) take the politics out of the mix and put the humanity back in. The Dept would have a media release section and all official reports would come from them. The media has proven they can be both friend and foe ... but their objective is to sell papers .... that should always be in our minds when reading a story.

      Any way there are some thoughts off the top of my head.

      Thanks for the reply. I wish you well. Bob.

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