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After Sandy: Rebuild or retreat?

Hurricane Sandy is expected to be the most expensive storms in history by media reports.

So here are some points to guide the debate:

1) Congress is set to debate a 60 billion dollar relief package.

2) The area being rebuilt is in a flood plain

3) The area has been rebuild many times

4) Where does insurance come into play VS federal intervention.

5) If you know your in a flood pain and still build .... who is responsible for the loss .... shoud you be eligable for federal relief funds.

We have seen relief and federal funds abused. As an example the former mayor of New Orleans Ray Negin was just indicted by a grand jury on correution charges. New Orleans 5th district is still boarded up and billions in all kind of aide are still unaccounted for.

So when do we the people say we do not want to keep throwning money at recurring problems.

This is not about being mean to people it is about building something that you know will be destroyed and then asking the government to refund you for your loss.


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      Jan 24 2013: What you saw as off topic and insulting .. I viewed as a clever response to the question of Rebuild or Retreat. Edward selected retreat and gave a explaination.

      As I appreciated his humorous and direct answer .. I see that you did not. No offense was intended.

      Your comment referencing what to do about flood plains is what this is about. So the question remains do we continue to rebuild and expect different results as Feyisayo stated below. Is this really a issue of insurance, state government, or the responsibility of the US government?

      Long after New Orleans, Puerto Rico, and even now in New York there are areas that have not been addressed and monies that cannot be accounted for. The former mayor of New Orleans has been indicted and many agencies are under Congressional investigation. A news report today 1-23-2013 stated that many areas of Manhatten have not had electricity restored. I understand the need for emergency services, however, should those be the responsibility of the state.

      There are many questions .. and obviously many ways to address this. It does need to be addressed.

      Each person confronts situations differently. We all have coping mechanisms ... crying ... cussing and raising a fist to the heavens .. and yes even humor.

      I wish you well. Bob.

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