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After Sandy: Rebuild or retreat?

Hurricane Sandy is expected to be the most expensive storms in history by media reports.

So here are some points to guide the debate:

1) Congress is set to debate a 60 billion dollar relief package.

2) The area being rebuilt is in a flood plain

3) The area has been rebuild many times

4) Where does insurance come into play VS federal intervention.

5) If you know your in a flood pain and still build .... who is responsible for the loss .... shoud you be eligable for federal relief funds.

We have seen relief and federal funds abused. As an example the former mayor of New Orleans Ray Negin was just indicted by a grand jury on correution charges. New Orleans 5th district is still boarded up and billions in all kind of aide are still unaccounted for.

So when do we the people say we do not want to keep throwning money at recurring problems.

This is not about being mean to people it is about building something that you know will be destroyed and then asking the government to refund you for your loss.


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    Jan 23 2013: In 1626 Peter Minuit bought Manhattan island from the local Indians for a load of cloth, beads, hatchets, and other odds and ends then worth 60 Dutch guilders. I've always though those Indians made a deal that wasn't as dumb as it looked. I think they knew, probably from experience, that the land was prone to flooding in really big (every 386 years or so) storms. I say retreat and sue the Indians for willful misrepresentation.
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      Jan 23 2013: Today the guilder is at 1.65400 per US dollar. For $99.24 we can return the area back to the natives. But lets think about this.

      1) They took the 60 Guilders for land that they really did not own, just resided on. Took their mobile society to another location which they did seasonally anyway. (a win)

      2) They unfortunaley were pushed further inland by the expanding of settlements.

      3) After fighting they were given areas that would remain theirs forever ... no more intrusion.

      4) They are protected by the BIA with a budget of 2.5 billion with includes:
      a. land, mineral, and water rights.
      b. Hospitals, colleges, trade schools.
      c. substitdies for everything ... farming, livestock, small business, etc ...
      d. the right to keep all profits and to be reinbursed for failures
      e. The right to override states laws on gamboling and keep the profits.
      f. And all the time the states are responsible for the construction and maintenance of the infrastructures ... as they are labeled state and federal highways.

      All wins on their part.

      We need to stop trading and bartering with these people .... we are losing bad.

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