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Re-engineering mosquitos to fight disease vs re-engineer humans to support disease

Humans have been adapting (manipulating) nature for years in order to survive. We have seen that these efforts have a huge impact in the planet (climate change). I believe is time we mature and understand that instead of adapting nature to please us we have to adapt ourselves. Instead of re-designing mosquitos let's re-design humans. Stop messing with the others and mess with ourselves.


Closing Statement from Juan Calderon

It is both possible and do-able to re-engineer both nature and humans for any cause. The debate is about the responsibility that we as humans have about altering other species. Everyone on this conversation agrees that we can change ourselves (i.e. adapt) to fight environmental threats. We have to be careful when we want to adapt other species in order to fight the threat.

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    Jan 23 2013: If for whatever reason people get it in their heads to wipe out the planets mozzy species, What will step in to take over their roll?

    I state this as the Indian vulture that use to number in the tens of millions has been wiped out by the use of the antibiotic duclofinac by indian farmers in their animals, apparently this antibiotic is fatal to the vultures who played a vital roll in cleaning up the landscape very fast. They now only number in the tens of thousands. Wild dogs have stepped in but so has the rate of people being bitten by disease infested dogs, I think the last count was fifty thousand people bitten. Rabbi's comes to mind.

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