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How would you advise a person who would like to explore the world, yet has no money at all?

Apart from trying to obtain some cash, what would you tell these sort of people who would like to learn new cultures and meet people of various backgrounds yet has no financial means to do so? Would love some creative answers. =)


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    Feb 12 2013: If you have friends at different places, you might be able to travel to those destinations first and explore them with their help. Your friends could help you with accommodation and food at least briefly during your stay.

    You might also in turn get acquainted with other people through your friends and then travel further in the same way. In your own country, you can take up local jobs in different provinces an stay there for a while. This would give you some cash and allow you to explore those places.

    In addition to all of this, couch surfing sounds helpful and I would love to experiment with such a thing !

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