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How would you advise a person who would like to explore the world, yet has no money at all?

Apart from trying to obtain some cash, what would you tell these sort of people who would like to learn new cultures and meet people of various backgrounds yet has no financial means to do so? Would love some creative answers. =)


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  • Jan 26 2013: much as i'd advise someone who wanted to own a ferrari yet has no money at all - be realistic.

    personally i settle for vicarious experiences, there's quite a lot of media available on the web, or you could hang around your country's sightseeing hotspots and offer free tours hoping to find people willing to share their tales.

    i see you've been helping out as a translator, that's already a good start towards your goals. yes they're 2nd-hand, but they're realistic.
    • Feb 1 2013: You can travel for nearly free if you are willing to live freely and take responsibility for all of your needs. Camp, walk and bike, cook your own food, learn to gather from nature in the local plant life.

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