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How would you advise a person who would like to explore the world, yet has no money at all?

Apart from trying to obtain some cash, what would you tell these sort of people who would like to learn new cultures and meet people of various backgrounds yet has no financial means to do so? Would love some creative answers. =)


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  • Jan 29 2013: You have asked a question I have been thinking of a lot recently.

    I am a Malaysia and a recent medical graduate from a local university, and I understand your eagerness to learn more about the world yet be restrained due to financial limitations.

    I believe that the best way to experience other cultures and not spend too much money would be via volunteering with any of the multinational non-governmental agencies (NGO’s). Do a google search and pick an NGO that is championing a cause that appeals to you and then write to them and ask if they are willing to accommodate your living expenses in exchange for work in the area of your expertise.

    My own self, after completing my government service with the ministry of health, I plan to volunteer to Africa or central Asia with in the capacity as a doctor.

    I hope this helps and wish you good luck in your endeavors.
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      Jan 29 2013: Hi Mahabalraj, it's good to see another Malaysian here (what a rare species we are !).haha

      Would you care to elaborate more on your plan? I am studying actuarial science at a local university just like you.I'll be graduating next year.It would be certainly nice for us to meet up.

      Where do you live? If it's within the Klang Valley then there wouldn't be any problem on my side.As you can see, I live in Shah Alam.

      Oh yes before I forget, I've applied to join the UN online volunteer service.It's practically the cheapest solution for me as of now.Perhaps you should join too if you are interested.Would you like me to pass to you the website link?
      • Jan 31 2013: right now its just a plan, if all goes correctly, I plan to complete my compulsory service with government, then apply for non pay leave to join a volunteer organization like Mercy malaysia or doctors with out borders. I would like to this for 2 to 3 years (if possible) then return back.

        Yes please pass me the link for the UN site, would be good to check it out, the more options are always better.

        You are right about the rare species part man, as i hardly seen malaysians here. I am from the klang valley too, PJ to be more precise. Sure lets meet up for a cofee at subang perhaps?. I am free for the next 2 weeks, been told that my job will start after chinese new year holidays.

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