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How would you advise a person who would like to explore the world, yet has no money at all?

Apart from trying to obtain some cash, what would you tell these sort of people who would like to learn new cultures and meet people of various backgrounds yet has no financial means to do so? Would love some creative answers. =)


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  • Jan 25 2013: Watch TED videos and add some comments.
    Read others' comments and express your take on.
    Share your ideas with TEDdies and give them your own feed-back with thumbs-up.
    Enjoy what others disagree with you about as well as their sincere encouragements.
    Make friends in this TED community and exchange some emails with them—so much more fun than texting or using FB.

    That's what I've been doing lol
    Believe me, it's so adventurous, yet free of charge.

    Much more useful and meaningful than you would've ever expected.
    TED is a new world for everyone.
    • Jan 29 2013: hey I feel the exact same way about TED. I love the experiences I get here, and best of all its free of charge. :)

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