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I was told that bamboo can be grown rapidly and easily.Would it be a good idea to grow bamboo in many available areas to save the planet?

I am worried about global warming and I want to know if growing bamboo can really help protect the enviropnment.I believe it can also help the economy if it is done seriously.


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    Jan 24 2013: Bamboo definitely is a fascinating plant and its potential discovered late in many countries. Anyway, any local ecosphere has formed its very unique and dynamic equilibrium of interwoven influences and may not always compensate well for an 'artificially' placed and 'unusual' plant in upscaled and wide spread numbers.

    Even though bamboo is fast growing, we have to understand how it will change the 'micro-sphere' of the soil it is growing on and if it returns and supports what it takes out of it while it is thriving that fast. Any sustainable biological cycle walks a closed loop in its 'near-field' environment and only sunlight is continuously added to it day by day. Also mono-cultures should be avoided, as they are not natural and weak against plagues and parasites. By this and to stay within the frame of your suggestion, this would mean to spread the bamboo even further within terrains in which this plant did not grow originally. The ecological risks by doing so had to be completely understand, which, by the complexity of nature herself is a ask on its very own.

    Maybe each area, each country has its home-grown 'bamboo' equivalent on which we could focus without risking to much at a time yet gaining the benefit you talk about.

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