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What does the average citizen need maths for?

I had a conventional education. In school and later at other educational institutions I was always just mediocre - but I became excellent at this - and as the years went buy I asked myself why the educational systems around the world seem to be promoting the same subjects.


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Closing Statement from Michael Froemmcke

I can understand that people, especially those who spent long years learning maths, are very passionate about the subject. Yet I am still not convinced that the actual outcome justifies the effort and, in some cases, pain associated with this subject. There seems to be widespread reluctance to even contemplate any alternatives, which reinforces my suspicion that most people are indoctrinated in believing that there is no good education without maths. I think the understanding of certain principles is far more important than an intricate knowledge of mathematics.... But this is just my opinion. Thanks to all the participants in this minor debate.

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  • Jan 28 2013: Math to me, proposes analytical thinking, discipline, weighing options and giving balanced arguments. It's not really the end product of a mathematical solution that helps me, but the thought process that gives me the ability to rationally process my thoughts.

    In my eyes, I am an average citizen.
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      Jan 29 2013: Spot on! The good old fashioned way of getting those little grey cells working.

      Sometimes I hear that kids are allowed to use calculators in class, even scientific ones that process complicated equations. At that moment I guess any slight advanced math gets useless for the average citizen.

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