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What does the average citizen need maths for?

I had a conventional education. In school and later at other educational institutions I was always just mediocre - but I became excellent at this - and as the years went buy I asked myself why the educational systems around the world seem to be promoting the same subjects.


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Closing Statement from Michael Froemmcke

I can understand that people, especially those who spent long years learning maths, are very passionate about the subject. Yet I am still not convinced that the actual outcome justifies the effort and, in some cases, pain associated with this subject. There seems to be widespread reluctance to even contemplate any alternatives, which reinforces my suspicion that most people are indoctrinated in believing that there is no good education without maths. I think the understanding of certain principles is far more important than an intricate knowledge of mathematics.... But this is just my opinion. Thanks to all the participants in this minor debate.

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    Jan 22 2013: There is not a day that goes by that I do not use math in some form. I would be quite lost without it. I wasn't very good with geometry so I had to go back and teach it to myself - only to discover how interesting it is. You can't survive in today's world without math. From budgeting your money to solving day-to-day issues, I use math far more than I thought that I would when I endured those classes and found the boring.

    Ken Robinson's talk about school killing creativity is not about dropping math. Hardly! More about making it more relevant and therefore interesting, so that curiosity is inspired and the student as well as all of humanity benefits

    Had I had ME as a teacher back when I was learning that boring geometry in school, I would have aced it, and might have gone on to be a physicist. Math is actually quite fun when you do it out of school. I do wish that it had been fun IN school.
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      Jan 22 2013: There some professions that use maths, but I am convinced that there are more that don't. I used maths as an example because educational systems seem to be obsessed with just a few subjects. I think it is time humanity reflected on their educational systems.
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        Gail . 50+

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        Jan 23 2013: With that I agree wholeheartedly. My REAL education began when I left school. Only then did I begin to learn how much information was being withheld. Only then did I discover the JOY of learning. Before then, education was punishment inflicted on powerless victims who had no say in the matter (children) - and beyond that, an ALLEGED avenue of success for those who had bought into the lies.

        I think that it is very sad that generations are graduating from various schools not even knowing how uninformed they are. And because they have been told that they are now "educated", they don't know that they are now "ready" to begin educating themselves.

        This applies even for those with a PhD. Their knowledge is so specialized that it excludes a LOT of relevant information that is considered part of another field. SAD

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