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What you think about twitter censorship plan?

As Twitter introduces a new procedure for self-censorship, is this the end of freedom of expression on the internet?

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    Jan 22 2013: When it is self "censorship" come it will be end of freedom of expression....when in real life we every moment are "censoring" ourselves considering time , place, culture, religion etc etc before expressing our views ?
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    Jan 22 2013: Chetan, I have now read your linked article and I am glad I did, because I think respondents here could think that self-censorship refers to people censoring their own words, which is one interpretation but not what you mean in your question.

    This article or policy is not about people censoring themselves. Rather, Twitter's new policy is, rather than taking down a message globally because it is a violation of law in some country, it now leaves up the tweet except in the country where it is a violation of law. It is Twitter's strategy to allow people anywhere to access Twitter rather than for Twitter to be banned in some countries.

    Is that how you understand the new policy?
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    Jan 22 2013: Could you describe the plan, Chetan, so that each person who might want to respond to you doesn't have to look up the background?
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      Jan 22 2013: Fritzie,
      you can refer this link
      I have just read this article and i wanted to ask everyones view point on it.
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        Jan 23 2013: Chetan
        Thanks for your link , I read it....though sorry to say I have very low confidence with any media would be better if could reach out Twitter's Own media releases regarding the same.

        However the point is , yes due this policy , person's expression will be limited by the country law , is not that also happening in our real world, what I can say in the street of my country , can't be said in the street of Saudi Arabia....

        Moreover , Twitter as a company has to protect it's interest as such case what you suggest ?
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    Jan 22 2013: .
    I had to look up the definition of self-censorship as it sounded like an oxymoron...It is, as far as I'm concerned.
    Is it really 'censorship' if the person doing it is yourself by choice? Surely a word such as 'restraint' is more accurate?

    Also what do you mean by 'an end to freedom of expression on the internet'?
    Its just one site (that I dont even use).
    If someone starts doing something to the likes of youtube, facebook and blog-creation sites, THEN maybe you're onto something, but until then...
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      Jan 22 2013: Xavier,
      very true.In broader perspective it doesn't minimize or end the freedom of expression.
      what do you think about people who access twitter on larger basis to keep forth their view points?Will it minimize their expression of views or not?