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What is a well lived life?

Even as a small child this question has plagued the back of my mind. It seems a simple question but I'm aware from life experiences that ideas and attitudes mature and even change over time. Therefore a ten year old's reply may be very different from a 100 year old's. From wealthy to poor, highly educated to third grade drop outs it doesn't matter to me. I simply want others opinions.
Please take your time and reflect, it could be a legacy or how well you treat perfect strangers, how many peoples lives you changed. Maybe it's your moral values or religion, the power you acquired and or how you used it, a good father/mother/child, teacher, conqueror, pacifist etc...

There are no wrong replies.
Thank you in advance


Closing Statement from Pat Henderson

As I said in the beginning there are no wrong answers. My only disappointment was Fritzie' reply. while not wrong she did use someone else to determine what she did reply. I was only interested a personal reply from you own belief system. this is not meant to pick on Fritzie and I hope you don't take it that way. There is no real conclusion from this talk because it's all a personal view. Thank you all for your participation.

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    Jan 22 2013: I would say a life well-lived is an assertive life, one where you stand up with courage for what you believe. As you go through life, people will try to get you to settle for less than the best, and it's good to keep striving for the best.

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