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Media and the divide of harm

That which goes between us is our media.

Colin Stokes asks us: Are we served by our media? He asks us: Are the movies we watch skewing the functions of our roles?

Here is Anne Summers aproaching the question from a broader outlook, but a narrower focus of intention:

But can we draw back further and discern broader implications?

If this is all true and that which is between us "media" is skewd from our benefit - what is the gap? What is it we are missing? We percieve harm, but what exactly is this harm?

I will lay down 2 ways to approach these questions:

1. Our world views consist of personal experience, and the report of the experience of others. That which we accept in report is assumption - untested, and yet we accept it as if seen by our own eyes. Here is one gap - can we truly separate our own experience from false artifacts in our media? If we can - are we training ourselves and our children to make thesse distinctions?

2. The deficit between Broadcast and Transactional media. In all broadcast media, there is only one active participant - the broadcaster. The reciever is entirely passive - In theatre we call this the "suspension of disbelief" - the material of the broadcast is taken as reality, and yet it is rarely tested. In transactional media, each participant mediates passivity by questioning - are we losing the art of the question?

I argue that the underlying principle goes before modern forms such as movies and internet. I argue that the absurdity of our broadcast-propagandised diet has its seeds well into the past - that it arises from an far older harm which is perpetuated in our media.

I name that harm violence. And I place it squarely at the door of the alpha male - and his ultimate form: the psychopath.

Here is Sapolski revealing the violent patriarchal culture of baboons, and the alternative matriarchal culture of baboons:

Can we learn from this?


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    Feb 11 2013: Mitch g'day. Please have a look at a film called 'Resonance-beings of Frequency' by James Russell and John K, Webster, Patient Zero Productions Nov 2012. You Tube link (hopefully right) http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature-player_detailpage&v=svb9RDx_ONQ. Sorry not sure how to post actual link. Present from Don. This morning have woken up to snow, possibly remnants of storm system from east coast of USA. In online media this morning talk about how children's tv programmes have potentialy 'dumbed down' a generation of children. In the meantime your points about cookies and apps so true, every time now communicate thru internet get barrage of 'targetted' ads and 'informmercials' with no real explanation of what is going on. At least son and I were able to share our mutual feelings of anxiety thru 4 non blondes rock song which is currently doing the rounds. Understand available on a 100 hour extended loop. So not so way off topic, just look sideways, keep dancing and thank you so much for your kindness to me.
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      Feb 11 2013: Frequency? Yes .. sort of. I'll check the link and say more to remain on-point.
      We have to be careful of "magic tricks". Just learning the trick is not good enough - you also have to work out why it works, then get the courage to share it.
      I have this terrible arguement with the brilliant people involved in creating artificial intelligence (such as targeted advertising) - there is not intelligence without a "self" because AI's are self-organising. It's a very accurate tautology..
      The Frequency people tend to be too influenced by Greek geometry, Plato and Pythagoras - but we know better now. Fractal geometry is far more powerful for describing reality - resonant strings assume that they are attached to fixed ends - and nothing is fixed, all systems are open systems - the strings are connected to other strings.
      I really like the fractal network model of dark matter, it shows a connectedness that scales well. Of course there is no dark matter or energy - we assume our instruments detect everything, being essentially nothing but empty space we should be happy we detect the 4%.

      The gap of media is starting to look like the definition of ignorance (the difference between ambient noise and induced noise - demarking the 2 faces of ignorance) - I'll check the link and get back to you!
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      Feb 11 2013: Yes checked the link - I saw that one a while back.
      What they say is true about electromagnetic polution .. but it's all part of the same phenomenon. We are poluting everything. We are entropizing the Earth.
      I get a bit worried about these media things - they make a lot of unfounded assertions, they spell "bees" as "bee's" and they don't know the difference between microwaves and mobile phone carrier frequency - big difference, still lethal, but I like pwople to tell the truth - otherwise I know they are attempting to induce the gap of ignoreance - and, like all religions, are lying.
      This is OK when you know you are being lied to .. there is a process of winnowing the speck of truth ..
      Don't worry, humans will be forced back into their niche - the planet seems to be sorting all that out, no elites, no illuminati - just reality. Within 20 or 30 years there will be only a few million humans left. Either that, or we will have turned asside from the gap.

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