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Media and the divide of harm

That which goes between us is our media.

Colin Stokes asks us: Are we served by our media? He asks us: Are the movies we watch skewing the functions of our roles?

Here is Anne Summers aproaching the question from a broader outlook, but a narrower focus of intention:

But can we draw back further and discern broader implications?

If this is all true and that which is between us "media" is skewd from our benefit - what is the gap? What is it we are missing? We percieve harm, but what exactly is this harm?

I will lay down 2 ways to approach these questions:

1. Our world views consist of personal experience, and the report of the experience of others. That which we accept in report is assumption - untested, and yet we accept it as if seen by our own eyes. Here is one gap - can we truly separate our own experience from false artifacts in our media? If we can - are we training ourselves and our children to make thesse distinctions?

2. The deficit between Broadcast and Transactional media. In all broadcast media, there is only one active participant - the broadcaster. The reciever is entirely passive - In theatre we call this the "suspension of disbelief" - the material of the broadcast is taken as reality, and yet it is rarely tested. In transactional media, each participant mediates passivity by questioning - are we losing the art of the question?

I argue that the underlying principle goes before modern forms such as movies and internet. I argue that the absurdity of our broadcast-propagandised diet has its seeds well into the past - that it arises from an far older harm which is perpetuated in our media.

I name that harm violence. And I place it squarely at the door of the alpha male - and his ultimate form: the psychopath.

Here is Sapolski revealing the violent patriarchal culture of baboons, and the alternative matriarchal culture of baboons:

Can we learn from this?


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    Feb 7 2013: Hey Mitch, you should see what they are saying in the U.K. media about the very real possiblity of a global superstorm of solar radation and it's impact on satellite technology etc. The last event being back in the C19th I understand and called 'the Carrington effect'. Very interesting, know you like that sort of thing, just think of the chaos if the world monetary sytems and global trade cannot communicate for even 2-3 hours let alone 2-3 days. Back to carrier pigeons :D. Love to you and everyone on TED. P.S. It's in the combination of what you know and who you know. Continue to have some really good, real life conversations as well as on TED.
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      Feb 7 2013: Yes a lot of people have been watching for that lately.
      Also there's a metorite passing within low satelite orbit sometime soon.
      Chaos is not stochastic you know ..
      What interests me is how the sun has been popping-off a ton of CMEs in its current maximum, but none of them have been facing Earth ..
      I've been watching the plasma patterns in the solar photosphere . it's beginning to look like there's not a lot of nuclear fission giong on in the sun as was believed this last 100 years. And since Voyager penetrated the sun's outer magnetic bounday, all sorts of theory has fallen .. it's looking like all the stars are connected by chaotic plasma flux, and all of it is looking like a self-organising system - doing stuff like like our brains do.
      What a universe!
      I'm prompted to consider what is inside and what is outside of a "self" and how a self will get close to strange attractors, then get a nudge from a higher self.
      Who needs god?

      BTW - a big CME won't knock out the comms for a few days - start thinking years .. none of it is sufficiently shielded, and it will take at least 10 years to get all the satelites back up. Maybe centuries with most the people dead and the infrastucture cripled.
      But maybe we won't make that mistake again and just get over ourselves .. get back to living instead of being Mr super dominator guy.. Check out the Piraha tribe - they don't do recursion .. I like that.
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          Feb 8 2013: Well, this is waaaay off the topic I set .. and I apologise for those expecting discourse on the shortfalling of media .. but.. just look at it sideways .. and BINGO! It's back on topic.
          Communication is not binary in humans - we are 360-degrees in all the dimensions we can comprehend. And remember - degrees are a convention of measurement.

          Elizabeth, it has occured to me that our measures are all wrong. Think of this:

          The physicists have proven beyond much doubt that attoms and their constituent particles occupy nothing .. they are all potentials.
          Potential means "what happens next?"

          ANd they show us how much in between these "likelyhoods" is vacant .. there's nothing there.

          ANd then they ask: Well .. what TF is all this energy and matter we can't detect!!?? and say wisely:"Hmmm .. let me stroke my impressive beard right now and let you know - it's DARK matter .. DARK energy!!! Wooo Hoooo! gimme another grant!!! For the sake of my beard!!!"

          But the truth is that only about 4% of "potentials" fall into the detection aparatus - the rest just flies on though on its merry way undetected. This accounts for everything that Newton described. It's all there, we just miss most of it!

          That means that we don't need extra dimensions.

          An intersting conjecture.. it kinda states - just live it. If it gives you advantage or a jolly good time experimenting with it all - do it! It's all fun.

          The universe was made for fun.


          I might add - seeing is believing. What you can't percieve does not mean there's nothing there - and we just try to make sense of it all.

          We don't do too bad - and there's a lot of fun to be had on the way!

          Hmm controversial but:

          You ever just got caught in the dance .. and just danced? All the way to the end of the dance?

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