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Media and the divide of harm

That which goes between us is our media.

Colin Stokes asks us: Are we served by our media? He asks us: Are the movies we watch skewing the functions of our roles?

Here is Anne Summers aproaching the question from a broader outlook, but a narrower focus of intention:

But can we draw back further and discern broader implications?

If this is all true and that which is between us "media" is skewd from our benefit - what is the gap? What is it we are missing? We percieve harm, but what exactly is this harm?

I will lay down 2 ways to approach these questions:

1. Our world views consist of personal experience, and the report of the experience of others. That which we accept in report is assumption - untested, and yet we accept it as if seen by our own eyes. Here is one gap - can we truly separate our own experience from false artifacts in our media? If we can - are we training ourselves and our children to make thesse distinctions?

2. The deficit between Broadcast and Transactional media. In all broadcast media, there is only one active participant - the broadcaster. The reciever is entirely passive - In theatre we call this the "suspension of disbelief" - the material of the broadcast is taken as reality, and yet it is rarely tested. In transactional media, each participant mediates passivity by questioning - are we losing the art of the question?

I argue that the underlying principle goes before modern forms such as movies and internet. I argue that the absurdity of our broadcast-propagandised diet has its seeds well into the past - that it arises from an far older harm which is perpetuated in our media.

I name that harm violence. And I place it squarely at the door of the alpha male - and his ultimate form: the psychopath.

Here is Sapolski revealing the violent patriarchal culture of baboons, and the alternative matriarchal culture of baboons:

Can we learn from this?


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    Jan 22 2013: Hey Mitch.

    Could you look at this philosophers theory, you might be able to understand it as i couldn't understand one jot of it or them. It might help towards or it might have nothing to do with your Q, I will leave it up to you to decide if you choose to look at it.

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      Jan 22 2013: Yes, her exploration is deeply Freudian.

      She recognises the problem of "self" in the social context, but has not gotten a solid model for it. Her work is centred on the defelopment and operation of sexual behaviour (performivity).

      I have not yet applied my own thesis to the operation of the sex drive. I suppose it will have to happen at some stage. So far, I have it in the same box as adictions. Neurologically, the sex drive appears to show-up as one of the metrics of the proto-self - but it is powerfully amplified by orgasm - making it disproportionate to other dives contributing to personal survival. I see this as a relic of the evolutionary balance necessary to get solitary organisms to mate.
      For about 2 weeks we had a big huntsman spider wandering our living-room walls eating moths - he had 6 legs. Male spiders lose legs while mating because the female "gets the munchies" during the act. I suppose they must taste a bit like crab.
      We are fascinated by the sex drive - it is often at odds with personal survival, but best to get a solid framework before attempting to draw conclusions. Conclusions are vital - they will lie at the very root of the tension between personal and community self.
      I wil begin my own analysis on the basis of "ritual" - the dynamics of courtship are observed as ritualistic in most species. There is a lack of known metrics of ritual.

      Many thanks for the link!
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        Feb 6 2013: What i did understand of it was there is a default human, genderless but this flys in the face of the toddler test. bring home a new brother or sister and the close in age sibling will either do two things. Poke babies eye or take baby and nurse it. Males try to see what's it made of and how does it work and girls nurse it.

        It's like here on TED, there are certain words that use to be normal are now not PC, I tested this and found it warranted deletion, I now realize my countrymens conservative nutcases have a point. The media push for gay marriage has also disseminated the holocaust syndrome. It's now offensive to challenge current liberal crusades. I really couldn't care less as i have a few in my family but it's the liberals that only know a couple that have become the righteous defender, untouchable, sacred duty. Blind knights. Raising a minority not to equal status but putting them on a pedestal.

        Have you heard of "Idle No More" Now this is worth more to me than a people who want a dopamine hit but sadly it might tear them apart like it nearly did for us here in Nz and in some ways it still persists til today. There's more Natives in Canada than Maori's and the Canadians had better take heed, The Thunderbird is waking.
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          Feb 6 2013: I think there are "default" starting points - the passive potential. But that the active principle is the environment leading on from the starting point.
          You can see that a tree is the path the seed took to climb into the air - the seed being the start, but the air being the environment. Each seed has at it's disposal a toolbox of methods.
          Rupert Sheldrake has something to add about that.

          The Thunder bird? Perhaps the Phoenix ..
          In NZ, I am told, it was once politically correct to eat people, and yet in Nazi Germany, although a lot of jews got cooked, none were eaten. This word "Liberal" is a media word. It will have a different meaning depending on which horror needs to be whitewashed.

          Native means "born here". The Earth soaks into us, no matter our seed, it is the air which shapes the tree.
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        Feb 7 2013: He He...you make me smile Mitch, you definitely come at things in your own individual way. That's a compliment. Of course it was legal to eat each other in Nz, it's a land of greenery but that's all it was. Knowing this i see people everywhere acting like there is no resources. Australia though a desert land has far more natural food resources than Nz ever had. All of what is here came with the colonists. I think from the FN peoples view that how they view time is similar to other peoples. There is always time enough as opposed to today's view that there is not enough.

        Have you noticed that people are angrier these days and that they take pleasure in seeing others they deem less off than themselves? They are jumping lines in ques and are pushy in the supermarkets as well as there is a feeling of anger coming through the net? it's like they have no time? I have a feeling it's a sense of not enough to go around and it's making people jumpy and yet there is so much on the shelves and yet it costs so much.

        And they call our two countries one of the top freest economies. Media soak.
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          Feb 7 2013: Ken, I went to a music festival a few years ago .. me and my bro, we were selling pennywhistles LOL! and we pitched the tent well - all the other vendors got blown away by the gust we knew would blow up the valley.
          It was over Christmas eve to new years day, we tag-teamed the stall and never closed - majic parties and songs at 2am - with great musos).
          There was some kind of kerfuffel on 31 December .. a Coori woman was telling the crowd at the political speach arena that the earth was screaming. Me and my bro knew it .. we heard it all through the fest - it was a worry .. even though we spent all the takings remaining as pissed as ..
          This was a "world music" fest .. never had this at the Celtic fests. Mainstream trying to get legit.

          You really have to go out - into the air - let it shape you. This is living on your wits . and life does not exist anywhere else.
          I can talk and talk .. all hot air .. i would hope that it joins with the real air ..

          We breathe it in .. we breathe it out .. we get caught in the rip, and the only thing that saves us is the breath we took from the inflated surf-mat . and I dunno, maybe 5 minutes later .. mayebe 10 .. the sea gives up, and the air wins - and you can paddle back to shore.
          Time means nothing.
          But remember - breathe out into the mat - otherwise you will loose boyancy - but if you have wits, you will know that. THere's nothing after that - just the floating surfers saying: "You alright mate?" .. and you will have enough breath to say "Yep"..
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        Feb 7 2013: Me and my contract partner take long breaks and we sit and watch people just in general and that's what we see out there. I've had enough of holidays and are rearing to go but the system is still kicking in for the year.

        If only i could find these performers here.


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          Feb 7 2013: Woo!
          damn it gets us white guys hearing that!
          Flamenco was my first instrument - I got taught by a Coori who loved guitar half as much as brawling.

          That's interesting, because the Cooris have the Denisovan genes - us white buggers have the Neanderthal and none of that Denisovan - we all got trapped in the Basque country as the ice drove us south with the Younger Dryas - then we went East, into India and circled back round North Africa till we finally re-joined our Basque heritage - along with all the music!!! And that's Flamenco. You count 12 first, then one.

          Hmm - frame drums .. here's an Irish frame drum - the guy on whistle is Mike McGoldrick .. it's a C whistle he's playing - looks like one Phil Hardy made.

          Here's Mike with James Taylor playing one of my whistles in D .. that was one I made for myself, but he liked it .. so hey-ho.
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          Feb 7 2013: LOL - I just saw on youtube that mike is doing a tour with mark knopfler this year.
          damn it's a small world - last year i had a huge arguement with Mark about intellectual property right here on TED - I accused him of being a "vested interest".
          I m unrepentant, but I'll probably pay for a ticket into his show if it comes here ;) .. Maybe I'll get a door name from mike :)
          Boyancy .. we all have it if we let ourselves.

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