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Is the current economic crisis a SCAM?

A few years since I felt there was something fishy about this ubiquitous crisis thing. I kept racking my brains and bingo I came up with a sudden idea. How can there be a crisis without a proper calamity? My simple mind does not embrace the idea of there being a crisis without a preceding calamity. As far as I am concerned there must be an earthquake, a drought, a tsunami, pestilence or something similar before a crisis happens. A crisis for me is a situation in which because of some force majeure, members of a given community are called upon to redouble their efforts in order to quickly restore the quality of life they got used to before that force majeure wreacked havoc. And I would myself volunteer to put my shoulder to the wheel.
Therefore that THING which we are being made believe is a crisis, to my narrow mind is NOT really a crisis. What it is in fact is a ... NICE TRY. Under the pretence of a crisis the ruling classes (if this word sounds obsolete to you, do take a minute to reflect ) are busy emptying the pockets of the masses. Every time I hear someone say, "well it is a crisis, we must be prepared to work longer and harder for less in return", my blood boils. The brain washing machine works just fine!
And why did the ruling classes come up with this "crisis" of theirs? Simply because the population at large caught up with and became wise to their hitherto machinations, real estate bubbles, every government owing money to every other government, bailing out the banks (in order for those banks' CEOs to receive larger bonuses) etc etc. Once their game is up, what do the ruling classes do? Weep and ask forgiveness? No, they come up with a new idea which the masses hook on like fish. Yes, the ruling classes are ruling because they are always able to keep one step ahead of the pack, aren't they?
I wonder what you think.


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  • Jan 23 2013: Read Charles Mckay's book extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds Hundred's of years of bubbles. Just because the usual Porkers are up to their old tricks or new variations of them doesn't mean there are not serious problems and they will get worse and the bubbles will bust again. Think the Great Depression was bad wait until they hit us with the Greatest Depression if they are left unchecked

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