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Are emotions essential for making rational decisions?

Emotions are embedded in humans. If we can't control them, does this mean we wont be able to make rational, wise decisions? Can we even control them?

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    Jan 22 2013: Not an expert in the area, can't say about essentiality of emotion......just from common sense and observation and a bit of rational thinking...it seems with the information load in our brain we always seems to have some emotional bias...

    The other point is , well say someone is deciding completely rationally ...what will happen then? That decision going to impact others.....but they are not completely rational like the decision taker....what will be response then ?

    Human being emotional , I feel a bit mix of emotion even in rational decision can bring more positive impact.
    That being said , it all also depends on perspective of time , place and perspective what kind of decision one need go for or should go for ........

    What do you think/feel?
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      Jan 26 2013: Well Salim, I'm not an expert either :) so i might be wrong but ill try to tell you what i think is right..

      Regarding your point about deciding completely rationally, i think we have to look on the impact of the decision on the decision maker himself first rather than on others around him since the consequences will be his responsibility.
      And ofcourse there are many factors that affect decision making, perspective, place, beliefs, and even emotions to an extent.

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