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Are emotions essential for making rational decisions?

Emotions are embedded in humans. If we can't control them, does this mean we wont be able to make rational, wise decisions? Can we even control them?

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    Gail . 50+

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    Jan 22 2013: What do you mean that you can't control emotions? Of course you can control them. It's your responsibility to do so.

    Emotions block the ability to make long-term rational decisions. They are fear-based. They are impulse-driven.

    Most people do not know the difference between a "thought" and an "emotions". By confusing the two, they make decisions based on emotions even if those decisions require one to violate facts. This makes peoples' lives chaotic and unpredictable.

    Thoughts PRECEDE emotions, not the other way around. Thoughts are based on your belief system. One who rages at the world is really raging against his/her own belief structure. A belief system can be changed, but it requires a willingness to do so.

    Most peoples' belief systems contain contradictions, untested assumptions, and outright fabrications. When your belief system is less chaotic, so too will life be. That is when emotion/ego no longer rule you, so that you can rule your own life and chart your own course to your own self-chosen destiny.

    It's called being "awake" or "self-aware". It is also called being enlightened or awakened - depending on who is speaking. You are not a victim of your emotions unless you ALLOW yourself to be so. If you allow this, then it is your responsibility to fully accept the responsibility for the consequences that you create.

    Thought first, emotion second, actions third, consequences 4th. The emotion part is unnecessary, though there are such things as feelings - that are NOT emotions and don't work the same way as emotions. Skip the emotions and behaviors will shift dramatically - causing different consequences.

    Emotions are fear-based - they focus on what happened or what might happen. Feelings are NOW based. They do not contain fear. Live in the present and life will transform itself before your perceptions.
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      Jan 26 2013: Eventhough i'm somehow confused between what you said and what Mathew said, i still find it true. I'm picking up pieces of information from evryone here so im not basically an expert in this field, im rather asking because of interest.
      You seem to be thinking that emotions have negative impacts on our lives since we can be "victims" of our emotions, or maybe i just misunderstood the metaphor.
      and its interesting to know that feelings and emotions are actually different.. i know them as only synonyms.
      Thanks alot, great reply

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