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Are emotions essential for making rational decisions?

Emotions are embedded in humans. If we can't control them, does this mean we wont be able to make rational, wise decisions? Can we even control them?

Topics: psychology

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    Jan 24 2013: G’day Jumana

    Interesting question……Everything that we do is emotionally driven either it be rational or irrational so I would have to say no to the question. Let’s say starting a war over oil is an emotional response which I would say is irrational but defending oneself against the theft of oil is also an emotional response which is quite rational in my view.

    Rationality comes from little emotions & the less emotions one has the more rational one will be. Hitler was very irrational not because he was heartless & cold therefore emotionless but because he was full of emotion just like any so called cold blooded killer. To want to kill is a very strong emotion which is usually an irrational response to our emotions. How introvert & emotionalist can a scientist be especially while conducting an experiment? How emotional are they but they are very rational.

    The less emotional one is the more rational one will be I think!!

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      Jan 26 2013: completely agree on everything that we do is emotionally driven, in fact ive read this, that our "emotional" brain actually existed before the other parts of the brain...ofc taking into consideration that we have "two minds" if you know what i mean.
      Interesting question and an interesting reply, thanks Mathew

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