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Does the possession of knowledge carry an ethical responsibility?

To what extent do you agree?


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  • Jan 30 2013: Depends on the knowledge, the motivation and the situation.

    Expressing a view or position, especially concerning something controversial requires intelligence and discretion to be an effective voice and good representative of what it is you as an individual choose to espoused.

    Maintaining personal integrity is the guiding light. It is important to be true to yourself about what you believe or think. Ethics is what gives personal integrity value. Likewise, this sense of personal integrity means we should try to live in accordance to what we know and believe to exhibit consistent behavior and feel good about ourselves.

    Just because someone is knowledgeable about something and has personal integrity doesn't mean that position is ethically responsible. There are religious scholars. It is possible to get a college degree in theology. As some one educated in biology my world view is a degree in religions is nonsense. Knowledge alone is independent of ethics, but the more diverse is our understanding of the real world the more likely we are to be more truthful in what we think and say.

    Knowledge alone does not mean we are automatically more ethically responsible.

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