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Does it happen to you that things you were thinking of became a part of your daily lives?

Hello everyone. My name is Koral, and I'm really sorry if my English is not accurate (I'm working on it :).
a few years ago I watched an amazing movie that totally changen my life wich called "the secret".
In short, the film deals with the many capabilities inherent in thought and imagination and their power to create a new reality. That is, the fact that things that we imagine, think and believe become to be our reality. I was wondering if anyone heard about this movie, apply the secret and it really worked. Would love to hear stories and experiences. :)


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  • Feb 3 2013: When I am practising at my piano,I close my eyes to fully hear the notes, and so find them by hearing ,not looking.
    If I 'hear', in my mind, the note I want to play just fractions of a second before I need to, my fingers will be there faster, sometimes instantly it seems.
    Likewise, before I sing a note, especially a more difficult one, if I hear it in my mind first it will arrive in tune, as it needs to sound.
    And if I have a colour I need to mix...I imagine how that colour will make me feel first, and then I just find exactly the right mix of pigments, very quickly.
    For me, this is what I understand by visualisation . I would never exercise this precious process with more mundane 'wants'. I would prefer to think about a want : 'do I really need this?'

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