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Does it happen to you that things you were thinking of became a part of your daily lives?

Hello everyone. My name is Koral, and I'm really sorry if my English is not accurate (I'm working on it :).
a few years ago I watched an amazing movie that totally changen my life wich called "the secret".
In short, the film deals with the many capabilities inherent in thought and imagination and their power to create a new reality. That is, the fact that things that we imagine, think and believe become to be our reality. I was wondering if anyone heard about this movie, apply the secret and it really worked. Would love to hear stories and experiences. :)


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  • Feb 3 2013: In 1948, B.F. Skinner performed a number of experiments on pigeons and their learning ability.
    In one experiment, pigeons in a box were given food rewards at totally random intervals. Rather than just sit back and wait for food, the pigeons started to repeat whatever the activitiy they were doing just before getting the food reward. They became superstitious. Each bird was doing a different activity from rubbing their heads to scratching or spinning in circles.
    Even after the reward was discontinued the birds maintained their superstitions, one who repeated its act over 10,000 times before giving up.
    How would you validate that this effect actually occurs and that it is not a manifestation of a superstition as demonstrated in the Skinnner experiment in 1948.

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