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Does it happen to you that things you were thinking of became a part of your daily lives?

Hello everyone. My name is Koral, and I'm really sorry if my English is not accurate (I'm working on it :).
a few years ago I watched an amazing movie that totally changen my life wich called "the secret".
In short, the film deals with the many capabilities inherent in thought and imagination and their power to create a new reality. That is, the fact that things that we imagine, think and believe become to be our reality. I was wondering if anyone heard about this movie, apply the secret and it really worked. Would love to hear stories and experiences. :)


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    Jan 21 2013: 'you must work very hard, but without belive and positive thoughts you wont acheive nothing.'

    Positive thoughts have limitations and do not effect third-party reality.
    If you send an application for a job, happy thoughts about it do not change the statistical likeliness that you will get the job.

    Its important that positive thoughts are limited to self motivation, otherwise it just results in self delusion, not objective achievement.

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