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Does it happen to you that things you were thinking of became a part of your daily lives?

Hello everyone. My name is Koral, and I'm really sorry if my English is not accurate (I'm working on it :).
a few years ago I watched an amazing movie that totally changen my life wich called "the secret".
In short, the film deals with the many capabilities inherent in thought and imagination and their power to create a new reality. That is, the fact that things that we imagine, think and believe become to be our reality. I was wondering if anyone heard about this movie, apply the secret and it really worked. Would love to hear stories and experiences. :)


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    Jan 21 2013: Yes, the first I heard about 'The secret' was the original book after a famous talkshow host called Oprah talked about how more or less everything can be fixed with positive thinking..

    Suddenly Oprah wasn't so keen to applaud the great wisdom of the book that is 'think happy thoughts' when a viewer came on the show with stage 3 breast cancer and said she wasn't going to have treatment and instead just think happy thoughts like Oprah and the book proclaimed.
    The woman later died, ofcourse, unsurprisingly.
    Its sad, but I would also call it natural selection and a case study of what happens when people buy into such moronic crap..


    'I was wondering if anyone heard about this movie, apply the secret and it really worked.'
    Yes, some people have tried the REAL secret and it REALLY WORKS, better than anything..
    This is how it works..

    Step 1: Come up with a moronic idea that gullible people will buy into
    Step 2: Apply it to trivial aspects of their lives and claim it will help
    Step 3: Gullible people will attribute your nonsense to anything positive that happens or will convince themselves something positive happened, even when it didn't.
    Step 4: Get these people to buy your books, movies, t-shirts, cds etc etc
    Step 5: Be rich beyond your wildest dreams!

    Try it, it really works!
    • Jan 21 2013: ok, it's obvious that you are not particularly spiritual person, and honestly me neither.
      when I saw the movie I was very young and innocent and belived that thing called the secret. I tried it, imagined myself with the things i ever wanted and really belived it is mine in reality! guess what.. today all those things are mine. I dont say that you shouldn't work in order to acheive things, you must work very hard, but without belive and positive thoughts you wont acheive nothing.
      • Jan 23 2013: Positive thoughts do have a certain abiltiy over our health although it is not a force strong enough to combat stage 3 cancer. Some studies have shown that positive reinforcement can have a positive effect on health and healing.
        That being said, wishful thinking to get something is nonsence. Things occur in your life because you make correct decisioins at key points, take advantages of situations when they arise, have friends and relationships that are positive and giving rather than train wrecks.
        If you can't see that, you have a different problem
        • Feb 3 2013: When the reason you choose to do only this one 'intervention' (positive thinking to cure cancer) you have to be more aware of the reason you are making this decision.

          A keen sense of self and what fullfills you is really at the heart of 'the secret'. I do believe when you pursue your lifes passion/purpose your dreams are attainable and it can appear the universe conspires to help you achieve your goals.

          If this woman was truly in touch with her self and in tune with what I call her higher self, she may have realized her desire to believe in the secret resulted from fear of the other treatment options.

          Anything that is done from fear of something else will never breed the desired result.

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