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Make Solar Panels provide a higher percentage of our energy needs by marketing energy efficient appliances to go with them.

A common argument against solar panels is that they're only capable of providing a small percentage of our energy needs.
Where as I do agree that the limited research and development of solar technology renders panels to having limited efficiency and limited power,
I wondered that maybe we're looking at this the wrong way. Perhaps solar panels can only provide 10% (for example) of our required energy because we're wasting almost all of the other 90% unnecessarily.

I then did a little research on household appliances to see how much we ultimately waste.
I took common appliances that most people generally have, then found alternative options that:
1. Are equivalents that don't adjust the way of life
2. Are substantially more energy efficient.
Here are my findings..
(Results of energy use are in Watts Per hour).

Standard Tube TV set: 124W

Desktop Computer with Widescreen Monitor: 147W
Tablet Pc: 11W

10 Eco Bulbs : 210W
50 LED Bulbs : 50W

Old standard Fridge: 49W
A+++ Fridge: 17W

Electric Oven: 700W
Countertop dry cooker: 85W

Standard Washer and Dryer: 5200W
A+++ / AAA Washer and Dryer: 3300W

Typical household energy use with standard products per day: 11,212W (11.2KW)
Household with efficient alternatives per day: 4,769W (4.7KW)

As we can see, thats a reduction of 6.5KW per day.
So where as the hypothetical solarpanels originally provided 10% of the households energy, these simple changes have allowed the panels to provide more than double, almost triple the amount of energy towards the houses required energy supply.

Best of all is that by shopping around, many of the alternatives are not particularly expensive (such as the tablet pc, lightbulbs, countertop cooker etc etc) and many of the bigger purchases are of similar cost to standard models.

The conclusion is that inorder for solar panels to be benefficial for energy consumption, we also need to adjust what we use the energy on aswell.

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    Jan 20 2013: .
    Only solar energy is enough for us if we quit all silly INVALID happiness,
    which wastes about 90% of our energy.
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      Jan 20 2013: I tend to agree, but lets focus on the mathematics of the current situation for the moment.