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Re-defining privacy!

Someone is trying to break into my accounts (Gmail & Facebook), I thought of this: If he kindly asked me, I'd pass it to him/her without any doubt!
I have only three conditions: 1- No delete , 2- For a limited time we agree upon, & 3- Tell me what you've learned about me from what I have... this is an open invitation BTW :)
... Just to put you on context, I have more than 7.5 GB of Emails in my Gmail account, and on Facebook, I have 5320 friends , 2554 followers more than 230 photo albums on Facebook (some of them contain over 200 pictures)...

I imagined this scenario :

Not this one:

Is it a violation of my friends privacy? What are the limits here?
Any many questions popped up in my mind...Your input is highly appreciated.


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    Jan 24 2013: For the good of science, I am willing to disclose some information that I consider private. I would be happy sharing my DNA, and correlating it with a medical history (although in the latter case, I would prefer to have some of it non-disclosed, which does not necessarily mean anonymous). And yes I have seen "Gattaca" (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119177/), and I've read my science fiction, and I know what the imaginary risks are. I like to think that very often, we can pay with a little drop to our convenience or comfort, to get the potential for large gains. So that would be doing that for me - living with my imaginary fears of not getting admitted to a health plan based on some genetic potential would be the little price I would be willing to pay :-)

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