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Re-defining privacy!

Someone is trying to break into my accounts (Gmail & Facebook), I thought of this: If he kindly asked me, I'd pass it to him/her without any doubt!
I have only three conditions: 1- No delete , 2- For a limited time we agree upon, & 3- Tell me what you've learned about me from what I have... this is an open invitation BTW :)
... Just to put you on context, I have more than 7.5 GB of Emails in my Gmail account, and on Facebook, I have 5320 friends , 2554 followers more than 230 photo albums on Facebook (some of them contain over 200 pictures)...

I imagined this scenario :

Not this one:

Is it a violation of my friends privacy? What are the limits here?
Any many questions popped up in my mind...Your input is highly appreciated.


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    Jan 20 2013: So, any idea why exactly somebody is trying to break into your accounts?
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      Jan 24 2013: Thanks a lot dear Mikko.

      I have no clue about her/his motivation(s), but those trails were in the past..and I took it as an introduction to my call to re-define the privacy.
      I'm really interested to hear from you about this "liquid concept" of privacy.

      We have met during TEDGlobal, and we took picture together (I'm very proud of that), I translated your TEDtalks into Arabic, I use them to teach my students about Information security/privacy. I follow you on Twitter and learn from you a lot. I consider you as a "friend". But, Do you consider me as a "Friend"?
      Nothing personal here...I just want to know how we define the term "friend" in the 21st century. Given that Facebook has put this label very generously to everyone.
      The answer to this question might give me an insight about what "violating my friends' privacy" might mean.
      Thanks in advance.

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