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Does organized religion have value?

Personally I've been struggling to find my own path to spritualtiy. I'm not sure what my views on god are, or heaven for that matter. But i think going to church still has a lot of impact on me, and it can be a very good idea for a lot of people. I go to my church not just to fulfill a spiritual need, but for the community, support, and in many cases blind optimism. I know a lot of people think of religion as just a way to ignore science, but i try to let those two live in harmony.


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    Mar 29 2011: It can be valuable to provide another perspective to consider, but do not lose your integrity and individual responsibility. If you feel stifled after asking questions, you need to step away and reevaluate.
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      Mar 29 2011: I concur.
    • Mar 29 2011: im definitely not losing my integrity. to be truthful, i consider myself a universalist. i think all religions have truth to them. but a church can be a great place to receive support from. and its also true that people who know they are being prayed for can deal with a large assortment of diseases much better.

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