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A Spiritual Leader of 16th century in India - Guru Gobind Singh- A True Soldier, Saint n Scholar!

Gobind Singh was a man who did not preach blind faith or living life without self esteem! He was one and lived what he preached every bit.... One of the hymns he recited still hold true and withstand the test of time after centuries:

"Courageous is one who fights for the virtuous and deprived
Who sacrifices himself every bit, but never gives up the battle to uprise! "

While he taught mankind to live righteous, dignified life, fought many wars to protect the weak and common men from atrocities of the staunch rulers, he also authored spiritual verses, dramas and political prose.

Remembering him on his birth anniversary ! Hoping we have leaders n politicians of same grit and courage today!

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    Jan 24 2013: If he talks in circles then he is not a true spiritual leader
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    Jan 22 2013: I agree Salim! It's a kind of personal tribute! However, the idea is to share n exchange lives and preachings of great saints and preachers across lands and faiths, so that we realize all these grat prophets always taught humanity, harmony and respect for other faiths. Where as we common men, as followers keep fighting in their names.
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    Jan 21 2013: Good to know about a good person....

    It sounds more like a personal tribute....what / where is the IDEA ?