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Is passion limited?

I've heard from many people that in order to be truly happy, you need to be passionate about something.

But what if your passion is limited? What if there is a point in life where you've run out of all the passion that was driving you to live your life to the fullest? What if being too passionate can make you exhausted in the end?

Should you try to 'manage' your passion to remain passionate for a longer period of time? Should there be a balance between being passionate about something and taking things slow?


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    Jan 19 2013: Julie,
    Based on my perception and experience, passion is NOT limited....it is unlimited....unending:>) I perceive passion as an energy, or feeling, which we recognize in ourselves....or not. I never experience passion as "exhausting" because in my perception, passion feeds us...energizes us....moves us forward in the life adventure.

    Passion seems to be a mystery to some folks, and to me, it is a very natural element in the body/mind/life process. Passion doesn't have anything to do with time, in my humble perception. It is neither slow or fast...it is balanced, as you insightfully say. The outward manifestations of passion, can lead us to move faster or slower with life experiences, and perhaps that is connected with how we choose to use passion in our lives.

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