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If this were the last day of your life, how would you spend it?

It just occurred to me today that finishing my most urgent project at work wouldn't be on my to do list. I would love to read some thoughts or stories.

...After reading some responses, it seems that most people would do what they always wanted to do and take care of things that they value most. But why wouldn't we do these things in the first place, regardless of how long we have left? I don't mean it as a rhetorical question - it would be interesting to read some thoughts.

Topics: Values

Closing Statement from Arkady Grudzinsky

I'd like to thank everyone who participated in this conversation. Lots of interesting thoughts and perspectives.

Perhaps, most notable conclusions:

1. At the end, we focus on what matters most for us, and for most people it's people we love - most people would spend time with family, friends, write letters, etc.

2. It should not matter whether we live the last day of our life or not. Perhaps, we should just do what we do any other day, like having a cup of nice tea, and enjoy the moment.

It's hard to summarize everything that was said here - worth reading.

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    Jan 19 2013: Not to be pedantic, or facetious, but am I aware that it is the last day of my life?
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      Jan 20 2013: You are aware that this is your last life, aren't you? Whether it's the last day of it or the last thirty years, it does not significantly change the question.
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        Jan 20 2013: I disagree most emphatically. I know my next life will not be on this Earth, and I know I am living in the last twenty, maybe even ten, years of my life. Those pale in comparison to the impact of KNOWING I am living my last day. Surely you see the difference!

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