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All restaurant could produce much of their own energy from bathroom & food waste converted to biogas and fertilizer closing the loop.

Just from all the food waste a restaurant produces it could produce several hours worth of biogas (methane). If the waste from the bathroom were added a restaurant could produce enough biogas to cut their bill anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 - it all depends on how efficiently it is used and how much is wasted. Not only is methane produced in the process but a very valuable fertilizer that can be put right back on the farm land to feed plants organically.
I've seen discussions about restaurants composting but why not first make an energy source - gas, that a restaurant can use as it without much filtering or cleaning.
If a home can produce all it's own cooking gas with some extra for lighting then a restaurant can at least cut its use of natural gas and through better efficiency (wiser use) the biogas could go a long way to cutting fossil fuel use.

  • Jan 21 2013: In reply to: Krisztián Pintér
    Sure that could be done as well but my point is that restaurants produce a huge amount of waste that could be converted to energy and fertilizer which is not even being considered. By hauling waste away to a dedicated facility means you are using energy which reduces the overall offset in the way I am proposing which is many, many smaller units (biodigester) near the source material to produce the energy where it is needed.
    One last thing, restaurants use a lot of natural gas, methane, and my idea to is provide that from the waste rather than producing biogas that is then converted to electricity that is then transmitted and all along that pathway you inefficiencies contributing to energy loss. Right now we are collectively wasting nearly 55% of the energy potential from various sources due to huge inefficiencies and that is something we need to fix as we move toward a sustainable future with renewable energy at the center.
    Thank You for your input.
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    Jan 21 2013: why? why not a dedicated company that collects waste, and sells electricity as every other power plant does?