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Using Animals as an alert for incoming eartquakes

When I was a kid back in the 90's, an earthquake shook our city (Manila).We were already sleeping,all is silent and calm.Suddenly,something woke us up,it was the dogs,birds and cats around our house going crazy.We really dont know what was causing their absurd behaviour.Minutes passed by and all of a sudden a strong earthquake shook our city.It was scary and crazy,we were all devastated.
In the morning the folks and my family were talking about the reaction of the animals before the earthquake happened.It was amazing for me to know that we could use the animals to alert for incoming danger,not only to robbers or trespassers but also to incoming quakes.

Animals,as we all know can sense things better than humans.We could use stray animals as an alert for incoming quakes and at the same time helping them have homes/shelter.Also,in this way, we could reduce the cost or expensive cost for technical quake alert system.

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    Jan 19 2013: You say, "minutes passed by" between the barking and the trembling. Is a warning of minutes worth the significant effort such a warning system would require? When all the biosensors (dogs) start barking how do the biosensor monitors (humans) sound the city/state/nation-wide alarm that an earthquake is expected/possible/imminent in the next few minutes? It seems that acknowledging, processing, assessing, reviewing, issuing authorization, and broadcasting the alarm would require more than a few minutes.
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    Jan 18 2013: This may support your idea:

    And I have no clue why so many scientists are afraid of working, animal 'sensors'... false pride?