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Could ethical consumption ever become part of consumers shopping habits on a large scale, particularly in the fashion industry?

Ethical consumption is a market that is growing however will we ever reach a stage where it is part of all consumers shopping habits and what do you think the future of the market looks like?

I am currently writing my dissertation on the future of the ethical fashion market and am interested in opinions and thoughts on the matter.


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    Jan 18 2013: Just as a sample .... the animal xyz is endangered and in the past it has been used to make purses. These were very expensive and only ten a year were made for the last three years .... there is only thirty in the world. To you money is not object and you let the world know you want one. Where there is demand there will become supply ... more more so if money is not an obsticle.

    Poachers will provide the xyz to a maker and lots of cash changes hands. This will cause the extinction of xyz's over the world.

    Is this ethical ... to you probally not. To the wealthy consumer ... who cares .. They are now one of 31 people in the world with a xyz purse .... this makes them even more elite.

    Movie stars fight for a "original" for red carpet night at the Oscars paying more for one dress that most of the world will make in years of working ... if ever.

    How about art. Say you are in the market for a original (name your favorite) painter. One was stolen a few years back and the thieft contacts you. If you are rich enough and vain enough you might buy it to hang in your vault. Ethical? Probally not ... legal nope ... possable ... you bet

    Will this stop .... nope. It is the one-ups-manship of the rich and famous.

    Good luck in your dissertation. Bob.

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