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What is cheating.....really?

In the wake of Lance Armstrong's "confession", most are calling him a cheat. A majority of the most famous and wealthy people have cut corners to get to where they are. If you get a job because you know the hiring manager over a more qualified candidate, have you cheated? If you sleep with a director to get the role...have you cheated? Yes, there are well spelled out rules in sports (among other professions) but what about other areas in life where our morality defines the rules?


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    Jan 23 2013: Cheating is a very interesting concept. It only really exists when you get caught or admit to it. We thought forever that Lance Armstrong was the most incredible athlete ever. He inspired people and got rich doing it and if had died before all this, we would still be building statues to him. I don't advocate cheating at all...I just find it interesting whenever the man behind the curtain is revealed...ya got us.

    It also depends whats at stake. People tend to not forgive independent gain, but what about national gain? We have intelligence agencies in place to sneak around and help us cheat in warfare and find antagonists. We don't line up in front of each other with muskets anymore.

    Cheating takes so much skill...a skill that makes it not exist

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