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What is cheating.....really?

In the wake of Lance Armstrong's "confession", most are calling him a cheat. A majority of the most famous and wealthy people have cut corners to get to where they are. If you get a job because you know the hiring manager over a more qualified candidate, have you cheated? If you sleep with a director to get the role...have you cheated? Yes, there are well spelled out rules in sports (among other professions) but what about other areas in life where our morality defines the rules?


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    Jan 18 2013: Gabe, The label cheater is a funny ole dog. Movie stars cheat and are caught all of the time but people buy their posters, books, and pay a high price to go see their movies. Stockbrokers go to prison for the use of insider trading yet Nancy Pelosi used insider information gained from a bill she was voting on in Congress and made a fortune .. but she is a honest politician. Bill Clinton cannot keep his pants up ... Kennedy was a womanizer .... and are both famous and well regarded and as funny as it may seem Bill Clinton who was impeached and lost his law license for cheating on his wife has been nominated for "Father of the Year". Now that there is funny.

    So the bottom line is that we accept that politicians are corrupt, liers, and cheaters with little or no morals and movie stars are immoral and would sleep with anyone to get a part, get naked for bucks, etc ... Barry Bonds and Pete Rose in baseball scandals ... olympic scandals ... and the list goes on. It is amazing that Jim and Tammy Baker still have a following ...

    So the question is why are some labeled cheats and sent to prison ... and other accepted and are "only human". Where is that line drawn and by whom.

    Is this another example of the power of the media or are we really that dumb.

    I wish you well. Bob.

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