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How about a VIRTUAL classroom?

What do you imagine as the perfect classroom?
Me and my students were wondering ...
Is it big and full of light?
Is it in the middle of the jungle?
Are there many books in it?
Is there music in it?
What about a VIRTUAL classroom where you study in a virtual environment as if in a video game? Can we learn more from the virtual world than we actually think? Please, share some ideas and opinions ...
Waiting for your replies: Radina, Iliana and Silvia Marinova (teacher) from Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Closing Statement from Silvia Marinova

Thank you all for answering our question! It's been a pleasure answering and reading all the suggestions. :) We learned a lot as well. So you guys were very helpful and gave us some great insights!
A classroom has to be most of all effective and fun for both teachers and students. :)
Have a great time and enjoy the lifetime learning.

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  • Jan 23 2013: It's never been the classroom. It's the culture of the people and resources for me to learn. In other words, I can learn just about anything, but applying complex math to real problems, doing metal fabrication, or designing/modeling takes resources. So I would say that I just need a good community with a few resources.
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      Jan 25 2013: The culture is something missing here in Bulgaria a lot. SO peers who will encourage visiting the theatre rather than the cinema and attending art exhibitions are kinda cool. :) Resources are infinite I think. SIlvia

      I don't think you need only a good communty and resources. You always need someone that knows everything about.. I mean, like a teacher. Someone that you can be sure is right.

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