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TED Ideas Worth Funding

For many years now, we are learning ideas worth spreading on TED.

I then asked myself:
- What's happening to TED ideas after broadcasting?
- How could we ensure that great ideas come to life?
- How could we help an idea to come to life?

Which lead me to:
- How could we bring TED to its next evolutionary stage?

My ideas:
- Let's embed a crowd funding model into TED. Let's ensure that great ideas have the financial support required to come to life and to impact our society.
(if you need to learn about it, here is a link to wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crowd_funding )

- Let's even consider embedding crowd sourcing into TED. So, we could all work collaboratively at making the world a better place.
(wiki link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crowdsourcing)

That's one thing to have an idea; that's another to make it happen. Let's make it easier for everyone and for us.


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  • Jan 19 2013: During the Vietnam War, while serving as an Army Medic (USAR) on an amputee ward at Walson Army Hospital, there was a moment when I realized the discomfort for so many of the patients who were unable to brush their own teeth.

    Finally, four years ago, an earnest effort began and now the means by which to accomplish the task of brushing one’s teeth unaided and without a brush, paste, or water has been prototyped and patented. It is Clean Bite™ and hopefully, it will bring oral hygiene to not only those first intended, but as well, at risk children, the poor, and populations most in need globally.

    Healthful Innovation: the toothbrush made of food … that you ingest!

    • Shaped like a double mouthpiece, the Clean Bite™ contains almost 800 bristles and is a single use toothbrush
    • Provides 60-90 seconds of utility, and thereafter dissolves and can be ingested or disposed
    • Dentifrice is contained in four separate reservoirs located on the horizontal plane between the bites and upon first compression small ports rupture providing equal distribution
    • Bristles are set at 45° to the gum line to better brush the teeth and gums
    • Bristles brush the teeth, gingival margin, and tongue
    • Frontal port enables breathing in the event that the user is congested
    • Comprised of Gelatin and other GRAS materials
    • The Clean Bite™ when consumed maybe employed as a delivery system for vitamins, nutrients, medications, and possibly microencapsulated vaccines in developing countries
    • Water soluble and biodegradable
    • Comes in different flavors and sizes for both adults and children
    • 24 times the surface contact area in comparison to the traditional brushes
    • Contains Xylitol
    • Both design and material formulation are U.S. Patented
    • Primary US market is “at risk children” receiving free or reduced cost meals at school and are 3x’s more likely to have untreated caries than their peers, (31M “ARC” out of a US K-12 student population of 52.5M)
    • disaster relief, travelers, etc.

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