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Does self compassion help self esteem?

There is no doubt in my mind that self esteem helps you suceed in life and will no doubt bring more happiness. But achieving slef esteem it seems is the one of the biggest issues of our society. I have been across situations where self esteem has been confused with self importance -- are they the same?--

For someone to have self esteem, they must esteem their true unique, and flawed self -- not a puffed up delusion of who they think they are -- their ego fueled by self importance.

Real self esteem can only come from self knowledge and personal development. But what about self compasison? does that help? is that a step towards getting the self esteem we all need in life? Does having self compassion mean pretending or trying to be who we are not to feel better about ourselves? Isn;t that the same thing as having no idea who we truly are?


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  • Jan 18 2013: here is my problem with self compassion, or I better state too much and excessive non necessary self compassion. Not being too hard on ourselves and not beating ourselves up for the mistakes we make is one thing, but how about not learning from them? and just forgiving ourselves and keep repeating the same pattern and getting lost in a loop that we cannot even get out of. and yet believing in ourselves when we truly shouldn’t. That is my problem with self compassion and false self esteem.

    Now a days people have an excuses for everything. For instance for every false behavior. Everything is called to be a medical condition, and the cure sadly has become purely medication. No one fixes anything. That to me, is self compassion gone wrong.

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