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Do you think that English fluency is the new money?

english is the new money. those with money have access to the really best ways of learning english.Private classes summers abroad bilingual kid schools.Those with less money get group classes.As well those with english get better jobs.So can we say that english is the new money.?

In murcia where we work theres 2 ways to really learn english.Pay 1500 amonth to the bilingual school or private classes at home for kids and adults.The rest are trapped in 34 kid english class at school where few learn or private academias of groups of 7 where 4 fail.

In other ccities the pub schools teach in english..madrid a few barcelona a few..Other countries teach in english Israel Germany Denmark to name 3.

Can we say that speaking english,not just having a cambridge certificate, but really speaking english is so essential that it is kept away from the mass.

What are your thoughts?


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    Jan 18 2013: very funny..once a british man told me that when i say "20" i must say the T cause its there.I asked him to say the number 1 ..i then told him to say the E cause its there.He said that in 20 the T is sounded and if i dont say it im low class..and in 1 the E is mute and if i say it im low class..So his rule was do as i do..He thought americans were low class cause we omit letters in words like tthe T in twenTy or in the word WATER we dont say the T we make it into a D..He said you need to say what you see..until i pointed out to him that he too does it..Then he changed his rule from you must say all the letters you see to his new rule..do as i do
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      Jan 18 2013: Many Americans do sound the t in both "twenty" and "water." There is a lot of regional variation here in the pronunciation of both vowels and consonants.

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