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Mining the Moon and other solar bodies.

I have ideas for every component needed to start a mining the mineral bodies of our solor system. I is self contained, modular (Scalable) and robust enough to handle more than just one environment. The solar body to be mined must have at Iron amd other allows that would allow the system to create shells capable of surviving an Earth reentry.

I have rough ideas of mineral needs and lunar minerology, An exoert in this area would be a great addition.

I was trained as an IT project manager by NASA trainers, but I am no rocket scientist.

Help me flesh out my concept.


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    Jan 18 2013: I have two observations:

    1) there is enough iron on Earth for Earth's needs, and
    2) the minerals acquired from space mining are much more valuable used in space, to build future space facilities without having to transport resources out of Earth's gravity well.

    Not only is there no need for those resources on Earth, bringing them to Earth is counter-indicated.

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