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Why is half the world starving and the other half trying to lose weight?

This is a 'hyperbolic' aphorism - I think.
It could be more true than you and I realize, when I look around at this world of clustered and contrived neo-cortex beings of obesity and ignorance I can't help but question the accuracy of this quote/question.

Look down - stare at your fat roles.
You know the answer, don't you?
Ignorance and greed.
In-fact we all know the answer, somewhere behind that wall of pride which has stiffened and thickened by my words - we all know the answer.
Ignorance and greed.
I stab and swing with the sword of truth.
Tell me, if not ignorance and greed, what has caused the arousal of such a question?
IS there anything which does not fall under the broad accuracy of these words?

Let me tell you, when humanity can accept truth and grandiloquence with ease - the question need not be asked. Because it is pride that clouds reason, it is pride that makes you physiologically and psychologically obese. It is pride that starves those around it.

"Why is half the world starving and the other half trying to lose weight?"
Because we are yet to transcend our current form of pride.

What has the most influence towards this sad reality?

- Outdated education systems?
- Institutions refusing structural reformism?
- Monetary over mental growth as a global priority?
- In-balance of education and entertainment?
- A biased mass-media output?
- Ignorance to the influence of the above?

I'm 18 years young and with the magnifying glass of the internet and a burning passion I cringe at the reality of this question.. I am surrounded by contemporaries that know not of the larger concepts insidiously hindering their existence, they are as oblivious and ignorant as men the men in control who call 6 cars 'success'.

"Why is half the world starving yet half the world trying to lose weight"
I've asked myself, now it's your turn.

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    Jan 18 2013: The reason is the same as always, divide and conquer.

    But finding reasons to problems don't solves them. It's merely a way to spawn new problems.

    So you are 18 years young and i congratulate you that you have awaken to this global issue as many are awakening to global issues all the time. So i decide and spare you the timely effort of finding a solution on your own as this is what everyone does, and as nobody's trust anyone else, no solution can ever be enacted.

    You see the solution is what "divide and conquer" made almost impossible, is to rally the people, globally, behind a common cause. This solution is the only one that will solve as many problems as there may be.

    It is seen impossible for many because it has not yet been done.

    Hopefully, it will be done soon enough.

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