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Why is half the world starving and the other half trying to lose weight?

This is a 'hyperbolic' aphorism - I think.
It could be more true than you and I realize, when I look around at this world of clustered and contrived neo-cortex beings of obesity and ignorance I can't help but question the accuracy of this quote/question.

Look down - stare at your fat roles.
You know the answer, don't you?
Ignorance and greed.
In-fact we all know the answer, somewhere behind that wall of pride which has stiffened and thickened by my words - we all know the answer.
Ignorance and greed.
I stab and swing with the sword of truth.
Tell me, if not ignorance and greed, what has caused the arousal of such a question?
IS there anything which does not fall under the broad accuracy of these words?

Let me tell you, when humanity can accept truth and grandiloquence with ease - the question need not be asked. Because it is pride that clouds reason, it is pride that makes you physiologically and psychologically obese. It is pride that starves those around it.

"Why is half the world starving and the other half trying to lose weight?"
Because we are yet to transcend our current form of pride.

What has the most influence towards this sad reality?

- Outdated education systems?
- Institutions refusing structural reformism?
- Monetary over mental growth as a global priority?
- In-balance of education and entertainment?
- A biased mass-media output?
- Ignorance to the influence of the above?

I'm 18 years young and with the magnifying glass of the internet and a burning passion I cringe at the reality of this question.. I am surrounded by contemporaries that know not of the larger concepts insidiously hindering their existence, they are as oblivious and ignorant as men the men in control who call 6 cars 'success'.

"Why is half the world starving yet half the world trying to lose weight"
I've asked myself, now it's your turn.

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    Jan 17 2013: We could donate one item from our shopping cart each week but how do you get it to where you want it to go? How do you get 50 trillion gallons of water to African farmers? People are starving in so called 1st countries.


    Who wants to do business with these countries?
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      Jan 17 2013: Desire - if people desired to help instead of desiring material possesion.
      If people desired unity over vanity.

      But they don't, why?
      Education systems.
      Media output.

      Lack of truth.
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        Jan 18 2013: It's been unbalanced since the start.


        You've seen you're friends with their phones and how they use them in front of each other? You've seen them with their cars pimped to strut? How many worked and studied and how many just wanted a "Job" just to start earning to get the pimped car? how many leap frogged straight into starting a business and are failing and failing but keep at it?

        Boys and their toys.
        Girls and their accessories

        Economic collapse
        Civil war
        Religious war
        Little or no infrastructure

        Not many remember that every house had a garden out the back on their streets when they were young, How many have them now?

        People do desire unity but there never has been unity ever on the planet at any time except when you go to a soccer game and there's 60.000 screaming fans singing but there is something fundamentally wrong with that.

        We are creatures of advantage. I personally don't think we've advanced within ourselves or evolving, i just get the feeling some want to declare something that they hope will arise in their lifetime rather than see the world as it is. There's potential but nothing changes in a day, that's why the young replace the old.
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          Jan 18 2013: We have technologies that enable us to communicate with anyone on the globe instantly and that never happened before, we are aware of things that do not directly influence our life but we do still feel empathy and empathy is very powerful.

          We live in a world interconnected, every resources are needed everywhere, but everyday there is a new scientific breakthrough and soon the number of outstanding scientific breakthroughs are going to be multiplied exponentially.

          All the division among the people of the world is coming to an end.
          Humanity is about to be born.

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