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Why is half the world starving and the other half trying to lose weight?

This is a 'hyperbolic' aphorism - I think.
It could be more true than you and I realize, when I look around at this world of clustered and contrived neo-cortex beings of obesity and ignorance I can't help but question the accuracy of this quote/question.

Look down - stare at your fat roles.
You know the answer, don't you?
Ignorance and greed.
In-fact we all know the answer, somewhere behind that wall of pride which has stiffened and thickened by my words - we all know the answer.
Ignorance and greed.
I stab and swing with the sword of truth.
Tell me, if not ignorance and greed, what has caused the arousal of such a question?
IS there anything which does not fall under the broad accuracy of these words?

Let me tell you, when humanity can accept truth and grandiloquence with ease - the question need not be asked. Because it is pride that clouds reason, it is pride that makes you physiologically and psychologically obese. It is pride that starves those around it.

"Why is half the world starving and the other half trying to lose weight?"
Because we are yet to transcend our current form of pride.

What has the most influence towards this sad reality?

- Outdated education systems?
- Institutions refusing structural reformism?
- Monetary over mental growth as a global priority?
- In-balance of education and entertainment?
- A biased mass-media output?
- Ignorance to the influence of the above?

I'm 18 years young and with the magnifying glass of the internet and a burning passion I cringe at the reality of this question.. I am surrounded by contemporaries that know not of the larger concepts insidiously hindering their existence, they are as oblivious and ignorant as men the men in control who call 6 cars 'success'.

"Why is half the world starving yet half the world trying to lose weight"
I've asked myself, now it's your turn.

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    Jan 18 2013: Here are some data from the New York Times, for anyone who is interested, on the proportion of income given to charity in relation to family income.
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    Jan 17 2013: One would also have to consider the fact that some of the obese people are obese because of a steady diet of junk food. Is junk food better than no food?
    One would also consider that some of the starving people are actually lazy or have adopted irresponsible lifestyle that makes poverty inevitable.
    There are also the inconsiderate rich ones among us, who would not give to the poor from their abundance; and there is also a tendency to feel at ease with oppression and injustice. We may not think much of those in distant lands because we are at ease at home.
    The media is there, an influential voice, telling us we are not looking our best until we have more muscles or look stick-thin; but some people really need to lose weight because they are too overweight.

    I think the world needs to love. Love yourself, accept yourself and work on becoming better; love your neighbour; love humanity; love justice and righteousness.
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      Jan 17 2013: Yes, one could consider this, but why?
      You speak truth my friend, but I must've failed to communicate the concept and the point of me creating this discussion.

      I used this hyperbolic aphorism not to delve into the idea of 'food' but to put in clear perspective man's current mind of contradiction and ignorance and the forces that hasten and solidify this said unbalance.
      I am angry that media influence is prominently hindering - encouraging fetishism, greed, vanity and clouding truth, solidifying the unbalance.
      I am angry that institutions relation with money and influence is biased, insidious and again hindering.
      And most of all education systems do not teach the humans coming into the world of not only media's influence and how to protect from it, but they do not teach us happiness comes from within. They teach us ubiquitously - through curriculum, media and culture - to strive for material possession - thus resulting in such an unbalance.

      The world is an example of what consciousness creates, and there-in lies the flaws in how we educate.
      You speak of love, I speak of truth.

      We are not taught truth thus we are not taught love.
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    Jan 20 2013: Hey Dejay!
    You have said it in your introduction...Ignorance and greed. Half the world is so selfish and greedy, they don't even realize that the other half is starving. "Ignorance is bliss" is a very outdated cliche, and yet many people fail to recognize the situation for what it is! People in western civilization stuff themselves with an abundance of food, causing many medical issues because of obesity, spend money in an effort to "fix" the problem with surgeries, diets that don't work, treatments, and lots of complaints. It is pretty foolish, and proves that ignorance IS NOT bliss.....would you agree?
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    Gail .

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    Jan 18 2013: Let's say that you are right "ignorance and greed". But to get there, you have to break them down into two very different components. Ignorance is either willful or unintentional. Greed is a consequence of fear. Ignorance can cause fear, and willful ignorance usually causes a lot of fear (whether or not it is recognized), but is it not really fair to conflate the two in the context you've given.

    So I suggest that you choose one. Ignorance or fear.

    I would choose fear as the answer to your question. When fear is gone, curiosity returns. With curiosity comes learning. With learning, ignorance is lessened.

    to answer the overt question: why are some fat while others starve:

    the first answer is fear. Our economic system was established by those who feared bing poor, so a system was designed to keep the poor, poor in order to assist the wealthy in wealth creation. In essence, those who believe that they need more and more money (to justify an exaggerated sense of self-worth) are living in a great deal of fear - even if they are not consciously aware of it. it is no coincidence that the wealthier one is, the less is given to charity. There is a provable inverse relationship between willingness to give away money and the amount of money one has. I think this is telling.

    How does one overcome ignorance that causes fear? Walk through fears to discover how irrational those fears are. Then, with fear gone, and the limiting ignorance exposed, new opportunities arise. If enough of us walk this way, then disparity of wealth and its consequences will not assault your consciousness.
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    Jan 18 2013: It's time for you to take your Hikoi where ever it leads you.

    Great age to do it.
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      Jan 18 2013: Funny you say that - I am now 18 days through traversing the entire length of NZ barefoot and barechested.
      I am resting here with internet to finally express some contemplations that have been gnaring at me for some time.

      It will lead me towards truth, the only defendable position.
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    Jan 18 2013: The reason is the same as always, divide and conquer.

    But finding reasons to problems don't solves them. It's merely a way to spawn new problems.

    So you are 18 years young and i congratulate you that you have awaken to this global issue as many are awakening to global issues all the time. So i decide and spare you the timely effort of finding a solution on your own as this is what everyone does, and as nobody's trust anyone else, no solution can ever be enacted.

    You see the solution is what "divide and conquer" made almost impossible, is to rally the people, globally, behind a common cause. This solution is the only one that will solve as many problems as there may be.

    It is seen impossible for many because it has not yet been done.

    Hopefully, it will be done soon enough.
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    Jan 17 2013: By the way, how sure are you, Dejay, that "men in control call 6 cars success?" Dan Dennett, a scientist and philosopher in his TED talk about memes writes, rather, that people now by and large live by the creed of finding something more important than they are and dedicating their lives to it (he includes among these ideas a religious belief, a political ideology... as well as things like social or artistic causes). Perhaps this belief that those in control call 6 cars success is only a meme people repeat to each other because it is simpler than looking into the facts of human motivation and maybe even makes people feel morally superior to that "other?"

    It's worth considering at least .
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      Jan 17 2013: I am not very sure of the literal accuracy, but absolutely positive of the broader accuracy.
      Decadence and luxury ignorantly titled 'success' by a great many is the very concept that creates said unbalance.
      Success is achieving what we strive for, if men didn't strive for material possession the world would not be in this current state of unbalance. Men strive for material fulfillment, for you to argue against this and me to use the world as an example of rebuttal is pitiful and painful, my friend.

      Whether it is collectively believed or called success is irrelevant, for the very question "Why is half the world starving, and half the world trying to lose weight" would not exist, and it would not ring a truthful resonance if the unbalance was not there, and it is (un)common sense to see this 'nuanced thriving and encouragement' for 'material' success as triggering and soliciting this unbalance.

      It is the 21st century, you would think by now humans would have collectively transcended to realize that happiness comes from within, not material possession - you would also think that by now education systems and media system (which in a sense 'breed' these ignorant humans, encourage their fetishism and their greed for monetary over mental growth) would have adapted to contribute to a better world, and a better super-organism.

      I think we are underestimating the hindering influence of our current education systems and biased media output. Both insidiously destroy curiosity with their uncontrollable ubiquity.
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        Jan 17 2013: It is painful to consider that people might seek meaningful lives, as Dennett argues they do?

        You write "you would think by now humans would have transended to realize that happiness comes from within, not material possession," and Dennett says essentially that they have, but it is painful to you that this scientist would say humans have realized this?!

        This is not to say that lots of people don't want iphones and so forth, (I don't have one and you may not either, but many do), but this is a far cry from "the men in control who call 6 cars success." This reminds me of someone some months ago who asked what Warren Buffett (one of the wealthiest men in the world) needs six grand houses for ... when he is well known to reside in a little rambler in a middle class neighborhood and not have luxurious tastes at all. The world and all its categories of people come in all shapes and with varying values.

        I would only encourage you to try to be open-minded and not assume various great groups of "others" hold values so different from your own.
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          Jan 17 2013: I do not undermine Dennet or his learnings, but I disagree - strongly.
          I am open-minded, and I do not assume, allow me to support myself.

          If humans have transcended the strong desire for material fulfillment then tell me why when you turn on the radio, when you go on the internet, when you watch T.V you are bombarded with temptations and expectations?

          Tell me why the aphorism "Half the world is starving, yet half the world is trying to lose weight' rings such a truthful, ironic resonance?

          Tell me why most celebrities - followed and influential to a near religious degree - encourage vanity and material possession?

          You and I are presumably, from different generations. You have seen what I haven't and same in-turn. I have grown up around teenagers striving to label themselves with clothes and possession - boasting in their fetishism. If human's have collectively transcended, and as Dennett argues they do - then why, why, WHY do education systems - the most important 'thing' that is breeding the newer humans - accentuate the importance of a piece of paper over happiness?
          You dare state that happiness does no contribute to development?

          Maybe it is so, humans have transcended, genetically.
          But epi-genetically they are clouded and pushed away from it - media systems, educations systems and institutions have not transcended.
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        Jan 17 2013: I didn't state anything of the kind, of course. We have great TED talks, in fact, about happiness and how leading lives of meaning and having meaningful relationships with people are the most important factors in that- that wealth beyond a basic minimum does not enhance happiness (see Martin Seligman talk on this site). This research and idea are well accepted! You will find it difficult, I think, to find anyone here to argue the position that money is the key to happiness.

        I know little of schooling in New Zealand where you live, but I have a hunch your teachers are not accentuating the importance of a piece of paper. I think, perhaps, they are stressing that education in critical thinking and exposure to a variety of disciplines will give you the fundamental cognitive preparation to lead a meaningful life and to explore whatever else you want to learn after high school. They may want you to make this investment in yourself and your potential now rather than to to do instead what might seem most fun in the short run. (I don't know New Zealand, so this is only my hunch).

        I am, as you say, of a different generation and don't follow celebrities, so I cannot comment on that. I have a teenager and two in early twenties, so I have lots of familiarity with teenagers and young twenties as well. I have also worked with hundreds of teens. Mine and their classmates are not at all as you describe those with whom you are acquainted, but your experience is obviously different. People of any age are so varied, I know.
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    Jan 17 2013: This question could be addressed on many levels, depending on whether you are asking why some people have more than they need and others do not have their needs met or whether you are asking particularly about starvation and obesity.

    What Feyisayo writes below is important.

    In the United States, if you look at the distribution of obesity, the affluent and highly educated will tend to be more fit and trim than the poor. As Feyisayo writes, less healthful food is less expensive than more healthful food. Also those who are worried about job loss, uncovered health expenses, and prospects for the future may be less likely to focus on how well they are eating or whether they are getting regular exercise.

    In appeals by organizations that collect food donations to provide food to the hungry, I have started to notice a new addition to the message, asking people please to contribute the sorts of foods they would feed their own families rather than the cheaper items, like high sugar cereals people may be donating, even as they feed their own families the more nutritious but more expensive version. These donations are not poorly motivated, but people may think poor=need more calories.
    In terms of the broader question, starvation is an effect when a region experiences long droughts or is war torn. In these situations safety issues, transportation issues, and the use of food or withholding food in a military/strategic way are well documented.

    The international organizations that focus on food have information on their sites. Organizations like UNICEF, Oxfam, and the World Bank will likely have detailed reports on their sites of their take on the issues. But there are others as well who have detailed information available in a form you can share with others your age.

    If you want to work in this area, gather some thorough assessments by those who work "on the ground" on this problem. Too many people only repeat sound bites to each other.
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    Jan 17 2013: We could donate one item from our shopping cart each week but how do you get it to where you want it to go? How do you get 50 trillion gallons of water to African farmers? People are starving in so called 1st countries.


    Who wants to do business with these countries?
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      Jan 17 2013: Desire - if people desired to help instead of desiring material possesion.
      If people desired unity over vanity.

      But they don't, why?
      Education systems.
      Media output.

      Lack of truth.
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        Jan 18 2013: It's been unbalanced since the start.


        You've seen you're friends with their phones and how they use them in front of each other? You've seen them with their cars pimped to strut? How many worked and studied and how many just wanted a "Job" just to start earning to get the pimped car? how many leap frogged straight into starting a business and are failing and failing but keep at it?

        Boys and their toys.
        Girls and their accessories

        Economic collapse
        Civil war
        Religious war
        Little or no infrastructure

        Not many remember that every house had a garden out the back on their streets when they were young, How many have them now?

        People do desire unity but there never has been unity ever on the planet at any time except when you go to a soccer game and there's 60.000 screaming fans singing but there is something fundamentally wrong with that.

        We are creatures of advantage. I personally don't think we've advanced within ourselves or evolving, i just get the feeling some want to declare something that they hope will arise in their lifetime rather than see the world as it is. There's potential but nothing changes in a day, that's why the young replace the old.
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          Jan 18 2013: We have technologies that enable us to communicate with anyone on the globe instantly and that never happened before, we are aware of things that do not directly influence our life but we do still feel empathy and empathy is very powerful.

          We live in a world interconnected, every resources are needed everywhere, but everyday there is a new scientific breakthrough and soon the number of outstanding scientific breakthroughs are going to be multiplied exponentially.

          All the division among the people of the world is coming to an end.
          Humanity is about to be born.
  • Jan 17 2013: Just because one has a jelly belly doesn't mean they are eating lots of good food.
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    Jan 17 2013: My answer:
    (1) The "ignorance and greed" is caused by INVALID happiness.
    (2) The INVALID happiness is made by MONEY more than OPTIMAL point.

    To get it right is easy ---- Just let people know what INVALID happiness and OPTIMAL point are.

    (For INVALID happiness and OPTIMAL point, see the 1st article, points 1-3, 10, at