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Solving gun violence in the US in today's insane political climate requires a solution that makes it painless for everyone.

First that this idea even needs to be broached in the first place is ridiculous especially given the lack of clarity in the second amendment (eg it does not specify types of arms so that should be handled by laws not as a "do what you will free for all").

That said it seems there are some major elements that would be necessary to reduce gun deaths in the US and there are some obfuscating interests embodied in the NRA that must be sidestepped or accommodated in the solution.

Four main areas of focus jump out to reduce gun deaths:

1) "mass killings" (included in this would be the 2 or 3 person shootings as well as as Newtown or Aurora types)
2) Accidental shootings
3) Non-owner shootings (eg the shooter is not the owner of the gun)
4) "black market" trading

Added to these I would say the parameter that makes gun control legislation difficult is gun manufacturer revenue stream protection using the second amendment as a shill.

So what are the necessary parameters to make something happen vs. the absurdity of what is going to happen over the next few months in Washington:

1) Figure out a way that shifting policy creates more revenue for gun manufacturers so they get the NRA on board
2) Make sure that guns cannot be used in public places or by someone other than their owner

The Idea - Mandatory gun locks and universal kill switches.

On locks, all responsible gun owners have gun safes. Why not move the lock to the gun's trigger mechanism either with a combination code or biometric locks. That would prevent unauthorized use of the gun by anyone but the owner.

On kill switches, in the same locking mechanism put a chip and actuator that freezes the locking mechanism mentioned above when it receives a certain modulated radio signal.

If mandatory then all existing guns will have to be refitted with the new bolt mechanism creating revenue streams for the gun manufacturers and on all new guns they can charge more creating more revenue.



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  • Jan 18 2013: Rob: quote
    "humans are violent. as evidenced by the way we continue to find more and more efficient ways to kill each other. How are you going to solve that? Put thorizine in the water?"

    I'm not making guns and inventing new and better ways to kill others. Your leaders are!! Your corporations, military, banking industry, police, three-letter acronym U.S. agencies and others, are involved in doing that, and I might add, "with impunity and immunity" and it has been going on for decades.
    Get a grip.
    The citizens need weapons to defend themselves from their own government, the acronym agencies and their peripheral gangs such as SWAT teams, police departments, DEA, IRS (who carry weapons and kick down doors, without notice!, in case you haven't noticed), and any one else they can employ using your money that they stole.
    The IRS spells - theirs!
    Have you even noticed the difference between a policeman from, say, 1953 and a policeman of today?
    Today, they are as armed and outfitted as the military and they aren't for fighting terrorists in your country.
    They are for boot-jacking the citizens, people like you.

    Once again, people are looking at the wrong group when they point fingers at who is violent.
    You're looking in the wrong direction. At the wrong people.
    But that is what they do. Use diversion and misdirection and most fall for it.
    • Jan 18 2013: you are conflating about 4 or 5 things and then spinning those into...I do not even know where.

      1) every human society finds better and better ways to kill those they are competing with. you exist in a human society and unless you can find a way to change the competitive dynamic therein saying "you" are not making the guns and blaming everyone else (which by the way I actually agree with how messed up our system is at the moment, I am just not paranoid about it) is not useful to addressing anything.

      2) the logical extension of the "citizen need weapons to oppose our evil government" is that an gun will do you about as much good as a plastic knife. If the government of the US really wanted to control you as you think, they would be breaking tech out of DARPA programs left and right and you or anyone else would have exactly ZERO chance of doing anything. Before the stealth fighter was deployed in Iraq 1 is had already been operational for 2 decades. DARPA created the internet. NSA has about 20 billion worth of supercomputer farms stashed in Virginia. If the government wanted to do any of what you are talking about we would already be toast.

      quite simply their is no need for the government to do any of what you think they do. Mass communication and branding are more than sufficient to control the populace and to do so in an emergent way vs. a planned way.

      there is no cabal. you are giving the gov, the IRS, and the "agencies" way to much credit. Have you ever dealt with a government agency? 90% of the time they cannot even even get the basics of solutions down for what it is their mandate to solve and somehow you think that they can suddenly get their act together to control you and your life. They don't care about you and your life. none of this is planned. from billionaires through the president through a family that has lost everything we are all flies stuck in the web of our own creation.

      nice bit of cognitive dissonance though.

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