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Riches vis-a-vis respect.

I do not envy people who are rich. They must be terribly distressed by the idea of ever losing their riches. Second, they never know who their friends are, since "a friend in NEED is a friend indeed".
However I do envy people who are widely respected. It sort of humiliates me that I am insignificant. Hence I draw the conclusion that - in our heart of hearts - we are not craving for money, but we are all craving for respect, clout, sense of importance. The desire for respect stems directly from our basic instinct. Respectable status enjoyed by ourselves gives our genes a better chance to be passed on to offspring, and our offspring better chance to survive while under our parental custody. Those who try to accumulate a lot of wealth only do so, because they think they will be able to BUY other people's respect. They are bound to find out to their frustration that RESPECT CANNOT BE BOUGHT. Conversly you do not need riches to earn other people's respect. The obvious lesson from this analysis is that we should all concentrate our efforts, thoughts, attention on getting the real thing - the respect. The very first step in the process is to begin to respect yourself. Do not proceed to step 2, before step 1 is really and truly accomplished :-)
A word of caution. Respect is a dangerous possession. The more widely respected you are, the more limelight you are in. Make one false step and your ruin will be in proportion to the amount of respect you have enjoyed, and you stand to end up worse off that you would if you were a nobody. So if you are unsure of your own morality or integrity if you like, think twice before you embark on a journey in quest of too much respect from other people. In other words maintain the respect from other people at levels commensurate to the respect you have for yourself.


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    Jan 17 2013: Jarek, I notice you have no bio ... I always look so I can be able to reply apples to apples and use examples based on your occupation and hobbies etc ... I find this helpful.

    I am not quite sure of what your idea is and therefore unsure of what type of response you are seeking.

    I would appreciate clairafication please.

    • Jan 18 2013: My bio? Well, you asked for it and after all ego trips are everyone's favourie form of travel :-)
      I am 50. I chucked my regular employment 3 years ago, after 20 yars of faithful, dedicated service, when it eventually (way too late) dawned on me that it was nothing but that proverbial rat race in that nothing mattered except the amount of money that I was able to generate for the company. I have a wife, but no children and being practically unemployed try to eek out a hand to mouth existence doing things which, for a change, do make sense to me.
      What response to my post am I seeking? I just want to know what your thoughts are if any after reaing it.

      Why am I curious to know? Because I see the world around me again sliding into the abyss of war. I would like to form some idea why this is.
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        Jan 18 2013: Jarek, Thanks for being so open. I have only my name and location in my bio which allows people to know when I say "here" where "here" is. Many people say our system is better than yours but will not say where they are from. To bad I would love to see the facts on their ideal world LOL.

        I have been very luck and know some rich and famous people. Some are jerks and some are really good people. I do not respect anyone for what they are .... they earn respect by being who they are.

        Is this war in the US? Is it the administrations war on the 1%? If not where so I can better understand and research a answer.

        Thanks for the reply. Bob.

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