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If you could correct one mistake you made in life, which would it be?

Some say how you deal with mistakes shows character. I believe, the mistakes we make, at least the big ones, leave a lasting impression.

So, if you had an opportunity to undo a certain action or deed that has influenced your life, what would it be?


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  • Jan 23 2013: Probably the biggest mistake I made was to listen to the voices inside telling me to not settle just yet, I should have been content with my life, but.....looking back at the time didn't seem mistakes, but rather a need to search for and fulfill something that was missing from my life. Unfortunately, I was not aware of it with my head in the sand (to keep it polite ;) .

    The hardest thing was to forgive myself, then life goes on and the world does not end. Everyone's makes mistakes, I am happy that the result was not all bad as I came across very important revelations that changed the way I feel about myself and others.

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