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If you could correct one mistake you made in life, which would it be?

Some say how you deal with mistakes shows character. I believe, the mistakes we make, at least the big ones, leave a lasting impression.

So, if you had an opportunity to undo a certain action or deed that has influenced your life, what would it be?


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    Jan 16 2013: Would not have listen to dream and spirit crushing teachers.
    • Jan 17 2013: what was your dream and how was it crushed?
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        Jan 17 2013: For example back in the days of schools (not so secretly) dividing students up in high, low and average groups. I was leaving the sixth grade and was put into the low group in all classes for poor math grades and for 6-years school was little more than a baby setting service. For that reason many dream did not get developed, and also the fact that neither they nor I noticed that I needed classes for far visions.
        After a meaningless graduation, I went into a trade school to be a drafter and at that time I had to take a math class. And low and behold I was good and enjoyed math, leading me to the assumption that in the 6 grade I did poorly because I was bored out of my mind!

        In school I was told science was only for those who memorized the periodic table, with my poor memory an science carrier seemed out of the question. And guess what during trade school I got the book “Einstein's theory of relativity” and found it easy to understand; wow they were wrong on science also.

        One specific dream was to be an artist, and that hit a road block when because of a counselor mistake I had to drop my art classes. Although I must say all the “starving artists commercials” airing on TV at the time was the nail in coffin of that dream.

        That is just a sample of me first hand appearances, I could wright a book if included on my dealing with public education. In fairness I have to state that the public school I went to is (and sure was) ranked as one of the lowest in the state. So your results may vary ;)

        Now don’t assume I don’t fellow may dream now, but I wonder at times what if?
        • Jan 18 2013: thanks i appreciate your sharing your experiences.
          there are different kinds of math. it's not really surprising to me that you were good at the math applicable to your trade but that school math was boring. my school had a class called business math that i found boring as heck, but many of the students who stuck with that class did as well as i did in a different math class that was more science oriented. to be honest i think it sounds like you learned a lot from school, you learned that science wasn't for you for one thing! actually it turned out it wasn't for me either, i found the concepts very interesting but all the calculations and memorizations less desirable, and both are necessary to pursue a career in science. i got as far as 2nd year of university pursuing a career in biochemistry before spending enough hours using integrals to solve partial pressure problems for my organic chemistry class that i realized i wasn't suited to that kind of work. it wasn't the teacher's fault, if i was unwilling or unable to do the work then it simply meant that it wasn't for me.

          i think that's one of the things people overlook the most in education. sometimes our dreams of what a career holds just aren't accurate, so it's not about teachers crushing our dreams, it's about them enabling us to understand what are dreams and what are fantasies. reality is the probably the biggest crusher of dreams, but then it's also the biggest crusher of delusions, and those important reality checks help us find the path to the thing we can make a living at.

          i hope you don't regret following a career in science, because it's actually a lot worse than just remembering the periodic table! it really is a serious whack of figures, calculations and "dangit what's the atomic weight of rubidium again?".

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